Fangs Are Fair Towards Attack Builds (Modified for Moths)

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  1. Guys I got 116 moths yesterday by not using my spies ever, it works.
  2. Personally not noticing a difference. If anything, a few less when not using spies. Only done two trials, but that's enough evidence for me
  3. 204 moths, 26 actions, no spy actions, it seems Versa speaks the truth
  4. 344 moths with 2 troop unloads
    52nd on eb history but 1st for # of moths
    Thanks for sharing 
  5. 202 with 98 actions vs 54 with 425 actions same eb... It works
  6. guess i gotta try this out :roll:
  7. It worked with fangs so I figured it would with this
  8. This drop seems to be more random based on the Eb than how it was with fangs. I went from 83 actions and 136 moths to 103 actions and 368 moths. I used all types of units in both ebs.

    Although this was very effective for Fangs and awesome of Versa to figure out, it seems like it is more beneficial this time around to focus on finishing EBs quickly in your clan. Just my opinion
  9. I believe the randomness can be explained by consistent eb changes so one is not favored for to long for moth drops ^^
  10. I apologize for the poor English :lol: basically the best moth dropping eb consistently changes through out the day is my explanation of the randomness relating to the drops
  11. Just tried this on SS and got 12 FANGS. Nice. :roll:
  12. Your guide worked for me! When I used my troops and spies, I had about 26 moths but when I used only troops, I made 3x the previous amount 
  13. My question is. Which ebs ( that are dropping) are heavy in the troops most section?
  14. Does it stand to reason then that if hansels only used their spies their drops would also go up since it would be higher damage per action?
  15. No ^^ this has been proven that hansels need both spies and troops 100% of the time
  16. Yesterday i did a ss with my small alt (2m cs) and i got:
    350moths for 60 actions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Its true.
    With this account i got much less moths for much more actions.
    Im really irritated now for i cant see any logic in here. Any idea?
  17. Thanks for thread always good to learn new stuff 
  18. What if you are a like a 60/40 att/spy 70/30. I think i closer to my build 2.1m att 2m.attdef. 1m spy att. 1.2 spy defence atm. Would just skimming ebs say from 100-80% so always hiting at near max help?