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  1. Welcome Fan Fiction Readers. Fan Fiction is one of KaW's greatest forums. It was created to allow players to share their written masterpieces. The Moderators and Developers removed Fan Fiction from Active Topics, creating an environment much more peaceful for all. This superthread was created in order to make everything easier for all.

    Note: This is Starwars6374's Alt

    Edit @Mar 16, 19:42 EST: The thread is in the process of being edited and seperated. Thread amy get a little messy for now.


    The Fan Fiction Index
    Managed by: Starwars6374
    With Fan Fiction containing over 1000 threads, there are many great stories and threads lost throughout it. Here a list is provided to help you find them.

    Looking for a certain story or author while on your PC/Mac? Press Ctrl+F to use search!

    List Completion Phases:
    1. Link to all stories worth including
    2. Adding all feedback threads
    3. Adding Status and ratings for all stories.

    A Game of Secrets by Lady-marian Feedback
    A Footprint in the Sand by Arimay
    A Lost Sword by l__Knight__l Feedback
    The Agent by German_idiot Feedback
    The Alliance by Lady-marian
    The Ancient Knights by Skyler_the_neoknight
    Ascent of the Gods by Kimber03 Feedback
    Assassin's Creed: Descendants by iZaln
    Atlantric: Unknown by Storallelite***** Feedback
    Attention to Detail: A story of Good Will by Irin

    Battle Camp; The Rebellion(1) by Lady-marian*****+
    Battle Camp: The Enemy(2) by Lady-marian*****+
    Battle Camp: The Rescue(3) by Lady-marian*****+
    Black Kisses by Arimay
    Blood Limit by iZaln

    The Colosseum by Akai41 Feedback
    Cyber Wars 1: The Run of Destiny by -GAME-

    Darkness Ascending by Regran57 Feedback
    The Death of Matthew McClain by Ipitydahooka
    Dragon Fire by iZaln Feedback
    Dragon Tale by Utho+

    Endgame by Seth73
    Evolution by Chirabbit Feedback

    Fading Fast by Cheesemuffin Chat
    Fields of Heaven by --xXStorywriterXx-- Feedback
    The Final Flame by Croluxian Feedback
    The Forever Forgotten by Yrusosmailindapants
    The Forgotten Times by Conqueress Feedback

    The Gamers by Krypton134 Feedback

    Helms of Magic by Darkfalcon

    Inevitable Fate by Croluxian Feedback
    Innocence by Irin+ Feedback
    Inside the Mirror by Arimay+


    KaW Chronicles by Featherhunter Feedback


    Made of Stone by Fangedwolf*** Feedback
    The Maid of Ycha by Ipitydahooka
    The Magic Crystal by Lady-marian
    Mark of the Shadows by Shadowoffear Feedback
    Maximum Voltage by Ipitydahooka
    The Mercenary by --xXStorywriterXx--

    Never Forget by Arimay+
    No Longer Human by GlooMi*****+

    Operation:Interception by German_idiot
    Operation Storm by Bastion

    Pokemon Quest by iZaln***
    Project GCS by --xXStorywriterXx-- -


    Revival of Heroes by Tj_wolfsbane
    Revolution by Cheesemuffin Feedback
    Rise of the Minor Gods by Kimber03

    Salvation is Fleeting by KlaSSiK Feedback Promotion Extra
    The Secret Keeper by Irin
    The Sky King by Skyler_the_neoknight**
    Smile at a Stranger by Irin
    Stora's Random Story by --xXStoryWriterXx--

    To Raze or Save by Skyler_the_neoknight
    To Raze or Save - Origins by Skyler_the_neoknight


    Variant by Maraschino

    When the Sun Sets by Irin
    Where Fear Lives by Kimber03
    Wizardry World by Legendary_lion
    Wood Heart by YoDude
    World of War by Lost_rebel

    The X State by Lord_zethor



    Writing Aid (links to be added)
    Character Name List
    GlooMi's Guide to Writing
    iWrite Co.
    The Writer's Cafe

    * The story's rating out of 5.
    + The story is now finished being written.
    - The story was abandoned by author. It will remain unfinished.
    ? The story's status ic currently unknown
    If the status is incorrect, please tell me so I can update.

    Stories Currently Entered: 57

    Submiting entries:
    Please include the following in submission:
    Story Title
    Story Author
    The link or approximate location of the thread
    Any extra threads for story (feedback mainly. No sign-ups.)

    Fan Fiction Hall of Fame
    Among the Writers, there are some who stand out. Some forwriting, others for their action. This honours a few of them. It will be updated at random times with no voting required

    GlooMi is a Christmas n00b who joined on Christmas day of '09. A couple months before the FF thread space came out, she attempted a story. Since she could not update it enough, it was buried in the depths of Off topic. Since then she wrote a few stories, and a guide for writing. She made the first story thread, but again couldn't find the time to update it.

    The Dark Army
    Before Betrayal
    No Longer Human
    GlooMi's Guide to Writing
    GlooMi's Story List

    She loves taking things into her own hands. That's why Irin likes creative writing so much. She has been writing for most of her life, and she thanks the Fan Fiction Team for this honour.

    The Writer's Cafe
    Smile at a Stranger
    Attention to Detail: A Story of Good Will


    iZaln likes turtles. He started writing in KaW in November of 2009. As a writer he likes talking with other authors and offering story ideas. iZaln also edits and takes pride in helping other authors.

    Assassin's Creed: Descendants
    Pokemon Quest
    Dragon Fire
    Kingdoms at War (story)

    Lady has been writing ever since she was little and hasn't stopped. She prefers to write fantasy, but will occassionally write realistic fiction. Writing is her passion.

    Battle camp: The Rebellion
    Battle Camp: The Enemy
    Battle Camp: The Rescue
    A Game of Secrets
    Character Smoothie Shop (To be created)

    If someone nominated, the following information is required from them:
    1. A 3-5 line 3rd person description written by them. If inactive, a volunteer may complete in their place.
    2. A list of 2-5 of their Fan Fiction threads. They are not required to be stories.


    Thread Staff
    Managed by: FeatherHunter


    News and Updates:
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    Jan. 12, 2011: Version 1.1 created. Links and BB Codes Added
    Jan. 13, 2011: Version 1.2 created. Statuses added
    Jan. 15, 2011: Version 1.3 created. Feedback links are added.
    Jan. 19, 2011: Updating List. Major improvments coming soon. As of last count, there are over 50 stories on our list!
    Jan. 20, 2011: Version 2.0 created. Major changes of all types.
    Jan. 21, 2011: Version 2.1 created. Staff section added.
    Jan. 25, 2011: Version 2.1.1 created. Various minor changes added.
  2. Re: The Story Index

    Please elaborate on link or page at time of post.
  3. Re: The Story Index

    "Fields of Heaven"
    Page 1/2 at the moment
  4. Re: The Story Index

  5. Re: The Story Index

    The Colosseum
    Page 1/2-ish at moment.
  6. Re: The Story Index

    By page I mean it's position in the topic list, in case you can not get the link. I'll add entries tonight.
  7. Re: The Story Index

    How do you make a link?
  8. Re: The Story Index

    Atlantric: Unknown
    The Story Link
  9. Re: The Story Index

    O ok pg 1
  10. Re: The Story Index

    The Cyber Wars
    The Cyber Wars 1: The Run Of Destiny
  11. Re: The Story Index

    This is an alt to stora story ending

    Altlantic unknown
    Stora mainly (--xXStoryWriterXx--)
  12. Re: The Story Index

    Title: Innocence
    Author: Irin
    Page: Currently on the first page.
  13. Re: The Story Index

    Title: Darkness Ascending (might change title)
    Author:The Quen of Awesomeness!!! (aka regran57)
  14. Re: The Story Index

    Version 1.1 Posted. Page went glitchy, so I couldn't add much. I'll start looking through the list for more to include.
  15. Re: The Story Index

    The Mark of Shadows
    1st page
  16. Re: The Story Index

    Correction, title is "Mark of the Shadows"
  17. Re: The Story Index

    This looks really good! Great job Star!
  18. Re: The Story Index

    I want to expand this as much as possible. For example, I will eventualy add a list by Author as well, maybe include a feedback link, other relevant threads, (iWrite, Writer's Cafe, etc.) but absolutely no Roleplays will go on this list.