Fake Masks AWP

Discussion in 'Clans and Alliances' started by Tekkadan, May 30, 2015.

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  1. I think your attempt to troll has failed Lion..
  2. Why can't we all get alone
  3. With Netflix, ice-cream and tears
  4. I don't mind you "AWP" people coming to clan as long as you aren't hitting my members. Thanks for unloading on eb guys and gals. :)
  5. Woops you're right, i am retarded :)
  6. This is how AWP works (in steps)

    Step 1: Get on
    Step 2: Talk a bunch of non-sense and act like you're doing something
    Step 3: Don't return any hits
    Step 4: Go inactive for a couple weeks because noone will suspect anything
    Step 5: Check NF and not return anything.
    Step 6: Repeat step 1-5
  7. Actually it's like this

    1. Get calcium
    2. Hit aztec nubs
    3. Watch IA internal issues break the organisation up because of an immature kid.
    4. Get more calcium
    5. Repeat
  8. That is almost perfect grammer but organization is spelled wrong :)
  9. Depends where you are from
  10. If you are going to try and correct peoples grammar,at least learn how to spell the word grammar @ The noob destroyer
  11. I like your font


    AwP are a bunch of weirdos surprised Roni hasn't joined them.
  13. Support awp
  14. Who are you hitting o_O who's this Aztec nub
  15. What the hell does "get calcium" mean?
  17. Hahaha lol
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.