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  1. I dont think anyone wants anything but fair wars. And the fairest way is to get rid of BFA, imo, why have no bfe wars to limit charmers but not have no bfa added to it? Most complaints are about lopsided matchups because of high lb players, just like complaints were about high charm stats. Seems unfair to traders of charms to limit them but not allies lb. Just a thought?
  2. Charms are limited because they can be farmed on alts and traded to your main for free, allies cannot.
  3. Charms can be farmed but allies lb gives same advantage in wars so I agree. Why allow one but not the other? Take both out of the picture in a war and I bet more start warring!
  4. To make wars fair the devs need to actually make fair teams not this bs that happened during the winter wars
  5. Delta it happens in every big war event they try. Asw, winter wars, etc. Always something to go wrong. Lol
  6. Anyone heard of Primal Wars? Art, I tend to agree. Would be kinda nice to see something like what was Primal but with 1 additional tweak. Remove LL and replace it with the new Primal format.

    Happy KAW-Charming all 

  7. This
  8. People worked hard for their bfa, its well deserved. How would u feel if you worked har for 7 years and is now on the ally lb top 10 and see someone asking for it to be limited? Think about it.
  9. BFA needs to be included, otherwise there is little to no incentive for ppl to spend money/grow once bc.

    It’s unlike charms in that bfa is not gained by alt farming or bought on third party apps (that is, the money actually goes to ata).

    I don’t think bfa is a problem in and of itself, though matches do get lopsided when there is one huge lb . But this is more an issue of participation and/or matchmaking algorithms than the bfa itself.

    To see this, look back to when deep first came out. The side with the big build usually won, not because of bfa but because there were no other bc builds and one guy would outplunder the entire other side. Now, with many bc builds playing, the side with the big lb is usually at a disadvantage. It’s matchmaking/participation, not bfa.

    As for primal/ll wars, this format is horrible taking away ally bonus on attacks and making steals worth more than attacks. It encourages boring dive wars, and makes dive/spamming speed the most important aspect of warring. It’s not a solution.
  10. BFA can be farmed too in form of volley transferring
  11. Because you work and achieve your ally rank. Wars are fair.
  12. I return to do wars again, and been having fun, BFA is Ok, Issue is Charm monsters , but with current War rosters, I think it’s Ok.. would be nice to only allow 1 account to war on the same Round or not put alts in the other side... I’ve seen less moles this last week.
  13. Make wars fair by banning stripping ps. Is annoying ash
  14. You cant complain about charms in wars but say allies ok. People pay for both. Come on here folks, use your brains. The person would still be allies lb after war, lol. But their allies are not in the fight...