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  1. Don't get you ammendments or scripture in a twist. This is one individuals opinion.

    'Mr Billybob Cletus'
    "Well sur, dese 'ere muzlimms is ruinin' our great nation we gotta kick 'em all out to der deserts yonder. Let nuh one of dem in. Damn terrists."

    Is this an extremist view? I believe so. However I can sense that some of you people are swelling with patriotism (which in itself is quite idiotic) and are keen to point out the stereotype I presented. Just hear me out, or should I say hear the words of my Islamic stereotype:

    "My Lord and his prophet Mohammed have commanded me to expel the infidel from our lands and preserve our sacred traditions. I shall give my life for Allah and take lives of he wills it."

    Is that extremist? Certainly.

    I hate to be the one to feed off of the publicity of the Orlando shooting, however it simply must be mentioned.

    Extremists commuted the act.
    Extremists. Regardless of ideology race religion or class an extremist is an extremist.

    We must not combat each other as we have done in the past (we being our species) although conflict is a defining feature of humanity.

    We must work together to dull the shouting of extremists, our attention gives them ammunition. They all want us in a thrall like state, why?

    They are extremists.

    Some Christians and Muslims suffer from extremism, however in many cases only one side is discriminated against as a result (in general)

    Once again I would like to point out that this is my *opinion (*unorganized sleep deprived rant). Feel free to disagree, and post why you do below.
  2. It's a buzzword, mainly used to conjure fear en masse. The media outlets want money, and stupid people give it to them by labelling everything and everyone as an extremist.
  3. Correction. They label those who society wants to view as villains as extremists. Some groups are left largely unlabeled.
  4. People like to use religion and politics as a reason for their atrocities. In reality there is no justification for it. As a result the peaceful people who believe in a religion or whatever it is they believe in, and who don't do anything wrong, are targeted.

    The actions of the minority speak for the majority.

    We shouldn't be attacking religions etc. We should be dealing with humanity in general.

    Stupidity is not a characteristic of a race or nationality or religion or sexual orientation. It is a characteristic of humans everywhere.

    Same goes for extrimism. Particularly those religiously motivated. There is no justification for their acts. However they twist and interpret the literature to suit their own ideals. They're reaching for something that isn't there. Or try to interpret texts way too literally.

    Not sure if this exactly answers what you're asking. Just what it reminds me of.
  5. With the Orlando shooting a lot of people are afraid it'll reflect bad on the entire Muslim community where as if someone from another religion committed the same crime people wouldn't turn to blame the religion as much but just the person.
  6. Pretty sure there's more Christian extremists in Murica compared to the Muslim ones..

    Which one is worse?
  7. Ugh. Op, are you from "YES Sweden" by any chance?

    Edit; Just checked, you're from "stats of less".
  8. We must go to war against all extremists. start with the X games, then Tony Hawk!
  9. Didn't read , but disagree after reading the first paragraph. #inb4eagle
  10. So it's okay when Christians are firebombing and shooting up Plan B clinics, and have church's devoted to the fact that "God Hates Gays", but a self hating guy Islamic person shots up and gay club and everyone suddenly cares?

    Where's all the outrage when the Christian terrorists commits acts like this every other day? What about the almost 30 people a day that lose their lives to gun violence? It doesn't matter where they come from, or what God they pray to, gun violence is the problem, America is the problem..

    Stop pointing the finger and start working together.. The rest of the world is getting sick of this crap.. No offence to the general public, but you idiots that sit there blaming Islam and Isis need a kick in the head, the problem starts at home, in your backyards, with your children..

    All these Islamic/Christian terrorists were born in the USA, it's no one else's fault, stopping them from coming, or building fences isn't going to achieve anything..

    .. Aside from keeping you out of everyone else's countries..
  11. Agreed, Prime. Great post.

    Terror groups are a problem of course. But there are just as many problems in our own backyards. Just as many start in our own backyards.

    Plus, Islam isn't the only religion with extremists. But seems to be the only one people bother to mention. It's a lot easier to point the finger and blame.

    Society needs to work together.
  12. Haha. I think we should pull out. It's the thing to do now!! Would love to see what happens. Curiosity killed the cat tho!! Js
  13. We should all just hug and throw glitter on you fairy tbh. Obviously 8 years of apologies is working great. We need 8 more!!

  14. Even if you include Orlando as an "act of terrorism", it doesn't even make a difference compared to the real issue..
  15. "Black on black crime ! I'll clap you ass with my black on black 9." Blame the rappers idk. In Illinois gun laws are so tuff for law abiding citizens and 2 months in jail for criminals. Start small and finish big! Why non us citizens even worried about it beats me. It's population control . Get with the program
  16. Conservative "Christians" and terrorists ideology have a lot in common. They're hateful, exceedingly judgemental and intolerant of everyone who doesn't subscribe to their warped world view, everyone is damned to hell,and they thrive off instilling fear if you don't adhere to their ways. Don't point that out to them tho it might too much for them to handle to know they're just the same as those they hate
  17. On a side note I think merica should ban white christian males after all they account for over 75% of mass shootings committed in Merica . Religion of peace. Merica
  18. Christian terrorists commit acts like this every other day? Hmmm
    America is the problem? Pretty sure many countries deal with mass shootings/bombings and gun violence

    Why have forums gotten so horrible, and the active posters as well.
    The op is ignorant, 90% of the replies are ignorant, typical modern kaw forum thread. Bout time to uninstall this game, as forums is all i do and even they are becoming hard to stomach
  19. There are extremists on Americas side too. Generalising races and religions. Saying they need to kick them out, few saying kill them.
    America, Americans and especially Trump and his little band of followers... None of them are perfect. They're all just as destructive as those they're hating on.

    I think I'm getting my point across. Hard to concentrate with all these painkillers
  20. Why can't the world live in peace let everyone live their life in their country the way they wanna live... The media and politicians are gonna mess the human life up they already making people hate each other. It's all a game played By the big leaders who sit and watch the show and media is making money through them and they are making money through media