[EXTENDED] The Launch of Kaw Weekly Creative Contest :D

Discussion in 'Activities' started by Seth, Dec 14, 2015.

  1. 49 minutes
  2. Mine better be here
  3. Due to the extensive amount of entries, only 3 stories will be chosen for the poll thread. Poll thread going up soon.
  4. What the hell? Post all entries mate.
  5. It's the kawmunities decision. Not yours.
  6. It is, but im not going to give people so many options to vote for that it drives them away.

    Also, *cough* pipe *cough* I want serious entries only, and if youre just going to tell your buddies to vote for you to win, then this is all a sham anyway. Take it seriously next time.
  7. Seth do I look like I have buddies? C'mon there's less than 10 entries. Post them up or its simply favouritism.
  8. Yeah, entries are entries. If you are only posting 3, then you just selected the prize winners. Now all the Kawmunity gets to do is decide what order they get them in.
  9. You entered the competition agreeing to this. If you have a problem with it, remove your entry or don't enter at all. You were warned ahead of time.
  10. Assumed you had the sense to post at the very least 5. You literally chose the winners
  11. And you just want rewards for talking about how the magic dragons smoke weed and sleep. Nice.
  12. What would the world be if there was no variety? It also ties in to the current event.
  13. What about the other entries?
  14. Omg.. can u post already?
  15. My entry which was entered far before the deadline:
    Our brother is dead. Only one thing for it. Gonna get some weed and ominous powder ahem I mean windsalts. Gonna head to Spraggas and make use of them. Might make some sort of herbal remedy who knows?

    My head. I feel pain everywhere. My nose bridge is gone. There's some black dragon called scrag in my bed.

    My brothers and sisters are sleeping. I feel that r