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  1. Stop the frickin whining, you've had enough time. Accept your defeat like a man.
  2. No harm in begging...

    I remember when they extended double gold haunt and that had a deadline!
  3. A little longer would be nice
  4. lmao we have had plenty ov time but some people have got the money and time to do it and congratz to them im happy with wot iv got ;)
  5. i only need an hour extention to get the bow. Im going to be so mad if i get with in a few hundred and dont get it
  6. I agree that fangs has ruined my ee tonight. I do think its good with similar quests and contests from time to time in KaW. But extend the period... My credit card is refusing;)
  7. bumped the drops, you have 1.5 hours to destroy it...
  8. At least 2 tm
  9. If you don't have the level you wanted by now, you've been slacking and don't deserve an extension.
  10. If you haters dont like fangs. Then email devs asking them not to pay out rewards to you. It was a good promotion but as usual people have to complain. Nobody forced you to collect them.
  11. I've not gotten any equipment because clans aren't doing item ebs which is bull crap
  12. I hope you are kidding, op?
  13. I got 20k on 3 accs, and got lvl 50 rancor on 2 of those accounts. huehuehuehue
  14. no support!
  15. I never got my free 500 fang so much for KaW being = to all . And all this just before my birthday bummer