Extend eb time

Discussion in 'Questions/Feedback' started by slippy2012, Dec 25, 2016.

  1. I was thinking as we are under time restraints on any eb Such as 6 hours to complete an hte. Just suppose that we could extend the time allowed On a eb would the kaw community support such a proposal leave your comments below
  2. No support.
    Dumb idea.
    Get better at tapping.
  3. So you want to make the Epic Battles less epic?
  4. if you REALLY can't do an hte in 6 hours, then run revenge of the warbeasts instead.

    but seriously...hte isn't that hard.
  5. Wow an Hte taking 6hours . Pls let me join this clan I would skim and make so much
  6. I love your idea. Full supprot.
  7. Hahahahahahhahaha
    if you cant finish your eb in time, run smaller ebs
  8. Your clans ebs are finished in under 2 hours you dont even have this issue, rofl..
  9. Your gonna skim for 6 hours straight?
  10. The hte was only an example there are some of smaller clans that it would benefit
  11. Smaller clans should run smaller eb's. Larger players can join larger clans. Players who are pros will join larger clans early by chipping in consumable items.