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  1. Why do we press the remote control button harder....when we know the batteries are dead?
  2. Actually my controller in broken so if I don't press it hard enough it doesn't work. Try again.
  3. Why do you have to go broke to fix something?
  4. Great read. Made me laugh...
    Ive always wondered how chinese people fit so much food in those little ass boxes??
  6. Brilliant, but...

    You guessed it...

    Too long, but DID read!!!!!!

    Bet ya didn't see THAT coming!
    I have actually asked my parents a lot of these during my childhood :smile: I must have driven my parents crazy :cry:
  7. Ever wonder why you say excuse me louder, the louder you burp?
  8. Why is rolling tobacco so moist?
  10. If god created us who created god? And who is gods creators creator? And who is their creator? Is it just a long series of gods creating each other?!?!!??
  11. easy, man created god
  12. Easy...
    No one knows about that....

    (back to op and other unexpected wonders)
    Wow. That's one of the silliest questions I have heard! :lol: good thread op! (and good jokes/... Decccresss.. Sorry for spelling.....)

    About the religion.... Jews didn't?........ Really?.......... I may research that B|
  13. What to do if you see an endangered animal eating an endangered plant or animal?
  14. What the hell is a tree surgeon?
  15. Oh...good point, lot's of 'jews' accepted 'jesus' as the 'messiah' of prophecy and became 'followers' of 'jesuses' new teachings. And a bunch went to Rome and I guess learned Latin, and Greek, and Aramaic...but kept preaching to the Romans about 'one God, one God, one God and the emperor is a douche, and the Romans liked their pantheology and considered it treason and sedition, and the Roman law and Marcus Aurelius even wrote and said, all you have to do is recant your treason and acknowledge the law of Rome and then go to the baths or pick grapes, but the early Christians in Rome had a martyr complex, and death wish and wouldn't recant and went all 'the crucible' and 'more rocks' and so some of them who kept running around saying 'i'd rather be crucified than deny that God only lives in jerusalem', 'i'd rather be crucified than deny that Savior king (Jesus christ) is the one true god', eventually got their wish....is one pragmatic perspective. But just an opinion. Easy sweet Chet. Whoah.
  16. Maybe they just didn't believe that Jesus is a messiah because in the bible he don't want to be called as the king so... yeah...

    About the romans....
    Can you please research? Romans and Greeks have the same gods and goddess but with different story and names.
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