Ever feeding iwiiikickurnuts

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  1. Just as any other war i was wc and winning by 9b at start and at 15mins mark it was 7.5b lead and asked everyone to not xtl and win by sko but In last 10mins iwiiikickurnuts xtals up n lets opponent eat full bar attack and steals n make 9b n sko and as always iwiiikickurnuts gets reported n devs take no action...so while u give shattered sword to someone for doing 3 actions you wont give war ban to someone who throws every war by xtling and letting opponent eat him full bar? So we just not try when we have in our team? Devs acting blind towards EE while they aim certain persons who are trying hard for top 10...we want no less than war ban for iwiiikickurnuts if u want us to have fair game else it is sure loss..even when good lead
  2. i can 100% agree that iwillkickurnuts leaks every war, plz ban him for doing so, otherwise there seems to be no point in warring with him/her on ur side.
  3. Support...please ban iwiiikickurnuts
  4. Wow is that person really screwing wats...
  5. Ur so dumb dude shattered swords are for those who weren't active in war so good luck with that
  6. There have been plenty of players who have received shattered swords for misconduct besides not being active. He is simply implying that said player’s actions should be considered misconduct and that player should receive a shattered sword for it.

    Do I think making this post will make any action happen in favor of OP? No.

    Someone has to stick up for the little guys though. He makes a good argument, so if everything he says is correct, then I fully support what he is trying to do :)
  7. Yikes the irony... its not just for activity you moron
  8. hey guys,
    I will send this straight to the devs in efforts to help speed up the investigation process.

    thanks for the patience,
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.