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  1. Will there be an event for us who can't participate in ASW?
  2. No and besides a thread for this is needless.
  3. Looking at the past it's unlikely and nothing is slated atm but who knows.
  4. Stop complaining, you complain too much.
  5. Theres something called P2W
    So P
  6. You've chosen "Anti Noobs" as a name then made the noobiest post ever. The irony.
  7. This has never been the case, as it shouldn't. It goes against the entire point of ASW. ASW is and has always been meant for those at the top, whether they made it there by paying or just by playing insane amounts.

    Suddenly making a new event, with or without rewards, accessible to everyone, goes against the entire point of ASW.
  8. Asw is a once a year EV for PvP players, truly they need to offer more for them as 90% of Kaw is geared towards the PvE players. Granted PvE funds the mass majority of kaws lively hood. They could stand to offer more to the hardcore PvP players of the game as well to even it out a bit more.
  9. I made top 10k within 90 days... check profile not even 90 days old yet. I admined at a hte clan and made sure to get all the event money