[Event][Sign ups]EB Design Contest

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  1. I would enter this…

    But I can't draw for my life
  2. Enter the "concept" category
  3. what does it mean with: "do you have anything special to add?"
  4. That's a spot for anything you'd like to do special with your artwork/concept that you'd rather not post on the thread.
  5. Its not letting me submit
  6. Or do i just press submit and it just submits without doing anything?
  7. It's supposed to take you to another webpage afterwards. Have you filled out all categories?
  8. Yes, i double checked
  9. I have signed up and this is just a bump
  10. Hm. Sounds rather a nice small side event. Although i must ask, i write books in my spare time from college, should i not write the concept story that long? I am rather, captivating woth words i think but i do not want to overdo the story. And since i have not seen stories for the current ebs, except a small story you can gather from the phases and description, i have nothing to gauge on.
  11. This is the first time this event is running. So, there really isn't anything to gauge anything with, for this time.

    Be as much in depth as you want, just remember, your concept must hold the attention of not only the judges, but, the community as a whole.

    I'd suggest doing:

    A detailed background as a set up
    A phase by phase story endingish
  12. So a short story, or a lore. Perfect :)
  13. Get back up there