Event item drop issues

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  1. Before you say, I already did a feedback ticket, got me no where.

    So I noticed last event that my item drops for NON-MAIN EVENT, meaning those secondary event drops that give an event reward and building tokens, were randomly halved.

    On LotL at 150 actions, I was earning 1000+ of the Raven items, but at 300+ actions I randomly received about 400, which throws me off.

    It would max out the main event item piece, but not the other. Only did it a few times.

    Did anyone else have this happen, and does anyone know why it happened?
  2. I’m curious to know how ATA responded to you.
  3. Single item event drops have always been like that for me. I'll earn higher plunder, get fewer. More actions, fewer. Only hit 100x instead of 300x, suddenly get way more. I haven't found a good way to predict single item drops. It's even more confounded by the fact that the third legend seems to drop more than the second, and the second drops more than the first. Sometimes, at any rate. Generally, more hits/plunder drops more (I get more drops than, say, a 100mcs account, presumably since I earn more plunder).

    I haven't found number of hits, total plunder, plunder per hit (i.e. with/without cruxes on), total item drop amount (e.g. banner pieces, eq, elements--was something I looked at to see if I got more legend items when I got fewer other total items in a given eb), or anything else to accurately predict individual drops.

    Tl;dr no answers to this thread, it seems very complicated from my observations. Best of luck figuring it out.
  4. Are you talking about the legend that only goes to 10,000 items and you only need one?
  5. See I'm finding the same thing out. 3rd earns more than 2nd and such for me too. Least I'm not the only one.