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  1. I've not had to clan hop or struggle in. Events...since I was 12 MCs? I think idk I was top 100 warworn event as a small build....and since then consistently got the top or near top fixed tier rewards..mind you I wasn't even 30mcs until after they split HF And abyss into 10 levels...I didn't grow over night....but that's the point it took effort to get to this point....
  2. Nah I came back because I saw how ridiculous you were arguing and your comparison is wrong. Nothing in kaw is like what you said above. What you are saying is like saying smaller accounts getting less xtals or nobility for the same price. This isn't true so stop spouting your nonsense on this thread. My fuel analogy is spot on and you know it. You get the same fuel for the same price but the better car gets great performance and efficiency.

    Come back with a way that disproves my above analogy or sit down and shut up.
  3. You're talking about clan loyalty yet you clan hop every event? But that's none of my business
  4. No kezzer what you are arguing as that two people to to a gas station and spend £5 each on fuel. Then that one customer gets 60 litres and the other gets 10 litres.
    The fuel consumption like all your other examples is wrong. Because when a small uses his xtal he gets a far smaller gold return for his real life purchase and that the lb player should be entitled to his 60 litres from the same gas station and his money should be worth.

    Now can you imagine a real company charging like that. Sorry mister your money is worth less than his. Again you totally miss that smalls get ripped off at every level.
    Now lets be honest. Your sole intent is to derail the thread so if you cannot keep spouting the Same nonsense just because you don't like it move along.
    Other players are allowed their say without having to put up with being told they aren't good enough by you.
  5. Kezzer read my post correctly pal.

    I didn't say anywhere that new accts should earn the same gold from eb payouts/xtal use.
    I stated that the when two cars go into a garage to get the same thing then they should recieve the same service.

    Your version of the sprinter is also flawed, Usain Bolt was fairly unknown until his Olympic breakthrough he competed in the same event at the same time and won. Under your logic he shouldnt have because he isn't as 'experienced' as some of the others at the time.
  6. @Bacon, (too many quotes already), They do want to grow. I'm yet to have a new player ask me for a handout. The prestige that comes from the huge stats, the strength, the power, the better equip, the reputation, the powerful clan - that's the incentive for them to build.

    Marginalizing them based on their size is not only ridiculous but de-incentivizes any sort of game play, from growth to events. Why should they bother spending if their money is worth nothing compared to a BC? Why is their time worth less?

    The statism (my word, made it up) or elitism by the bigger KAW accounts is ridiculous. They are the ones who benefit from players being retained. Instead, they are trying to keep them small, which further disengages them from playing the game.
  7. Clan hopping
    And actually I have a home clan and as I stated, this is one of the of the issues kaw has created. My home clan is now doing their night eb. I will return there and xtal to help them as soon as my morning ones finish. And thankfully I have some friends that allow me to hop to improve my chances at a better tier prize. However it is by no means the same as getting the prize for free in three days. And it's pretty darn expensive in xtals and hours put in. Ie the 18 offloads yesterday not including xtals.
    Of course I would rather out that activity into my home clan not being dictated to which eb we have to hit and knowing I can stay at home and xtal whenever I like to I rest my chances of an activity based reward bumped with spending on values for events that are worth worth while.
    Great point pointing out that yes I am forced to clan hop between events and spend more.
    That is the entire purpose of this thread. To provide a loyal option that is fair to all players to run events from their home clan playing their own style. Finally you are seeing some of the issuess.
  8. Let's go back to my RPG analogy....you start out at lv1....you get to use lv1 things as you grow and progress you get to use higher level things and cooler stuff....that's how games work...not everyone gets everything at the beginning
  9. Um, incumbent elites oppressing the masses to retain their own status and privilege goes well beyond KAW. Fascinating social science in a microcosmic virtual environment!
  10. You know why our clan is so successful? We stay home and help each other grow...instead of leaving every event.... Our bigs do a lot to help the smaller accounts which let's the clan as a whole do events without stressing about them....in your case you're more focused on your own wants not actually your clan needs....otherwise you'd stay there and build up instead of contributing to the problem that clans face of everyone leaving when an event happens
  11. No this is wrong. Your analogy is saying you get less material for what you but yet you get the same deals on xtals and nobility to large players. You get less gold for each xtal or HTE similar to having a cheap inefficient car. Accept it your analogy is wrong.

    So you're telling me he didn't spend years working towards his ability? Could you go to the Olympics and win?
  12. My tiny alt hit the same eb as me but got more event items so how does that work in your theory of bigs get it easy?

    All this event equipment will be out of date an useless buy the next event series so why worry about it?

    Looking at my ranking in this event I have people who are doing b2b hte, fast rotation lower tier ebs and lotl asof rotation.

    So activity is key yes there might be examples of people at the top getting it really easy but the larger community is on a level playing field.
  13. It's not fair Mike tyson earned millions through boxing at elite level...... I want a million pounds to fight a bum in the street please.....support this n I'll support your thread op since both are the same.

    Or to put it another way why don't we pay the tradesman who has 50 years experience and the apprentice the same wages ......this is the same thing
  14. @kezzer yes he spent years working on his ability but again, using your logic, the experienced guys have spent longer doing the same thing doesnt mean the gold either of them won means any less.
    So what right does it give the bigs in this game to determine that the smalls work less or are any less deserving.
  15. I'm sorry if I took it out of context, I might have misunderstood what you said. But let's keep this on topic! :)

    I just think that it makes no sense if smaller players should get the exact same payout as the bigger players. Bigger players need more gold, smaller players doesn't need the same amount of gold to grow in the same speed. It'll be unfair for the bigger players if the smalls could grow a lot faster and get a lot more gold COMPARED to their size, than the bigger players do.

    It is like this in all games. The longer you've played and the bigger you become, the more you get back. A new/smaller player do not need the same amount of gold/xp in order to grow in the same speed as a bigger player.
  16. He didnt buy xtals to train. He trained just as hard as any other pro athlete.
    Stop trying to treat the players as employees. We are customers. And all money should have equal value.
    The face on my £10 note states it is worth £10 pounds.
    The same as yours. Why the heck should anyone spend their money when one player
    1 doesn't need to spend to get top prizes.
    2 gets half or less of the product for sale as another customer.

    The fact that you keep returning the aspect to gold because during a competition within a game you don't want to have to compete equally for limited time rewards.

    Under these conditions. With the sentiment expressed. You are only repeatably stating that small players should not now or in any event try to compete for rewards and they especially should not consider spending money that helps keep this game afloat.
    Because they will never get value for their purchase.

    You can forget any more of your silly examples.
    No shop would survive by selling some customers a tin of beans for £1
    And then saying no you are poorer you may only buy 1 bean for £1.

    As the game has changed the value difference between what xtals offers players has massively changed.
    Whilst I think at this stage it's too much to push for a change in gold
    Changing the way events are run and items are rewarded is a very small compromise that would allow every player some real value for their money in one respect for the game.
    It would allow activity and spending to determine results and allow players far more freedom in how they run their event campaign.

    Now I have no intention in wasting my life explaining it to you any more.
    Other players are allowed their say. Without your continued attempts to derail and belittle any that show support. You have had more than your fair share and stated your belief.
    We will never agree.
    Move on and let others have their say.

  17. Again with the gold. It's not about the gold. They earn more gold with every action. They already have their size reward.
    Get over it and stop asking for even more freebies

    This is about event times and rewards.
    If a player puts 1000 actions a day and £100 dollars into the event. Why should they earn less items than a player that spent nothing that is bigger and so only need to put in 3 days of activity to reach 15k.
    How is that a fair limited time competition rewarding those that took part ?
  18. You can't use a such example in this context. Because the difference here is that a bigger player would have spent a lot of time and money before the event, and therefore higher rewards. A newer player has not sent the same amount of time and money before the event, and therefore smaller rewards.
  19. One older players can play and often built for free with reset xtals.
    More time maybe. But shopping at supermarkets for years doesn't make your money worth anymore than the next customer, who might be there shopping for his first time.
    Money has an equal value.
    In event items one small aspect of the game this could easily be applied.
    That is a totally elitist attitude that again is that is tantamount to telling all smalls not to participate or spend.
    Again it it that you do not see the game from having a fair appeal to all current paying customers.
    If a player cannot compete. Then they have no reason to spend.
    If the bigs get it for free now. They have no reason to spend.
    Yes many still do. But given an equal value many more mids and smalls would pay to compete in these events.
    But if your intent is to keep proving that they aren't wanted in the game. You have made that point very clearly.