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  1. I think the devs should follow through with the bright idea of doing back to back events. Doing back to back events will help all the smalls such as me close the gap between bigger players, this is because small accounts can get 20k event items if they truly wanted to and this equals a lot of sb. sb and gold in general start to matter a lot less when you are bigger because stuff costs more obviously, but letting the bigs have time in between just doesn't help. Let the bigs get burnt out and then the smalls will stay because the instant gratification of seeing your stats go up x2 with only a few billion.

    B2B events idiots



  2. sorry i had to put in effort so i get no locky
  3. I prefer well designed events with a grace period between them.

    Whats with the hashtags? You want me to follow you on twitter or what?
  4. who cares about design i just need money boi
  5. can relate
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.