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  1. King Grantley his Regalness has been fighting against the kingdoms of King Charlie the Righteous for over seven years. Now he calls upon the help of the mighty warriors of KaW!

    who cares about the story. but heres an idea

    all out war. kinda like a pvp event, but youre working with your clan to take gold from other clans. the more gold you take, the more points you get. last 2 weeks or something. if your clan gets however many points, everyone gets a piece of equip and a bunch of silver bars

    the catch is all ebs are banned. no more monsters to fight all day. no more eb fairying for 2 weeks. youre forced to fight people in order to get your rewards.

    lets be honest. these eb fairy events are trash. many are tired of b2b ebs all day just to get a cool equip better than the last. we need something new. a big kaw world war would be cool. its called kingdoms at war for a reason. my idea probably needs refinement. but i would pay for something like this.

    watcha think
  2. Interesting idea, really, but the amount of points you get should not be tied to amount of gold you take. That would only further widen the gal between big and smalls, so what about point based on your chance to win in an action? the lower the chance the more points it would pay and vice versa