Event:blast from the past

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  1. I doubt it's possible. And far from ever going to happen. But have an event where it's like we are back in the past where all we had was ebs up to haunting and clan wars. You only use your low lands for ebs. Your clan does haunting b2b, you had a leaderboard material clan. The reck was a hard eb. The only wars we had was clan war to win miths. Is there possible any way to make that possible. Let's these now-6 year accounts taste the real feel of how KaW truly use to be. Thanks for reading.
  2. How about shutting down all EBs. Only have clan v clan again. Now that's old school.
  3. Yes. Even farther back! That's what I'm saying. Let's have some fun like we use to!
  4. Why dont we shut the game down, that would be a real blast to the past, to before the app even existed.
  5. :roll:
  6. Would be cool little event and definitely do able by the devs if they put some time into it .
  7. I sure enjoy a good clan v clan war. Sure miss those days.
  8. How about no clans and let everyone merk each other, super old school
  9. you mean remove the repeat button for ebs. Remember trying to kill that bar on reck with no repeat? Caused more fails in kaw history than anything else 
  10. Pot phase on The Depraved
  11. One of the most awful things ever without repeat button
  12. Heck yea. Pain is the butt 
  13. So many memmories.. I want that back. ?
  14. This place is like a prison
  15. Even with the repeat button it's still horrible.

  16. Then why bother posting?
  17. Fail, stop posting on forums.. forever tks