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Discussion in 'Activities' started by Blueberry, Jun 28, 2015.

  1. Hello Everyone! Are you looking for a nice pvp blitz target? Tired of getting lame pay? (Disclaimer: Dependent on your current EB, I may or may NOT pay well)

    Too make this short and sweet, I'll be open every event PVP Blitz. If I am DTW, simply wall me and I will get back onto the BL asap :)

    I do prefer attacks only seeing as I'll close if my spies drop. As well as needing those spies to steal from others :eek:
    I encourage others to post here as well! Feel free to also pin your nicely paying targets to share for everyone else >:D
    Happy PVP!
  2. Always check below for ATM status :)
  3. Currently: Open
  4. Blue bbcode = forum cancer
  5. Kittykiki paying me 38-44
  6. Drk-1 paying me 41
  7. Why don't you just sell pots all day to stay open. Pvp farm sounds pretty legit to me.
  8. I steal from others and sell bb
  9. Don't steal a pure spy! Smh