Even big boys cry

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  1. Haven't lived at home for years sorry to disappoint. I made a few more accounts for the lolz, and generally just to take the piss out of you and your pet salty. I gave each alt the same name with a different number to help you find em. Yet still no inc... funny

    Not obsessed with you, if I recall correctly, you're the one who just spent a load of time searching through kaw forums and putting together screenshots about me in this very thread? Seems like you're the obsessed one.
  2. Leech valkerie . I put my name into google and loads of threads come up with me in it. I was reading this one as well as others with my name in it just for reminising purposes. Then i saw your're in it and not in osiris but leeching into lethals fight with them and talking to me also . Then i saw you refer to yourself as a " he " . That bit of info was too good to keep it silent from others . Now everybody knows that you play out lies on kaw . Sometimes a male and other times a female .
  3. It's 2019 Roni, get with the times.
  4. @RS-roni-RS

    Ily <3
  5. Just wanna point out, trans people exist. Some people may not either A) realize it or B) be out earlier in their life. 6y is a solid chunk of time to make personal growth during.
  6. KAW Legend? Do you get an achievement badge for that? Or possibly a side quest in the Legends section? Curiosity has been piqued.
  7. That Valkyrie dude has double digits of alts and can beat anyone at this game. What a champ 

    That’s embarrassing, and sad. He should take a rest or go outside or something.
  8. I'm actually outside quite a lot and travel loads. Only just got back from a week of traveling / doing stuff haha. I have alts yeah but not all of them are active often. It's just useful to have alts in every hit bracket :/ in generally only active on this account and even then my growth etc has all but stopped.
  9. She has too much time in her hands to go through ancient history and dig up screenshots
  10. You two should just get a room and disappoint each other.
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