Even big boys cry

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  1. Wall posts are from months ago... why do they matter now?
  2. Well to some they tell a story and history and times when kaw was fun . Before it was known only for charms and furniture . When worldchat was full of osw and pvp confrontations and jokes . You must only know walls for hte/n.k stamps if your only response is why does it matter !!
  3. All I see here is Roni assuming genders.

    It's 2019.

    Get with it.
  4. Leech alert , Leech alert ! I notice the parasite doesnt speak until i do . And Puns is a man that's a known fact !
  5. First part, probably correct.
    Last part is debatable lol even the title of the thread says boy
  6. Them comments i was surprised were still on kingdomminn wall because that drama happened in 2012-2013 when i was dkod clan farm . And the funny thing about it was i had seen it was Pun's birthday so i was sending him happy birthday wishes via the rockets that kaw had gave from 4th july or another event 
  7. and how story's change over the years. Back in 2012 valkyrie/swifty was a male as shown in the above screenshot when he reffered himself as a " he ". But here in 2019 valkyrie/swifty claims it's a female.
  8. viewtopic.php?f=11&t=140710&start=200 that screenshot came from a old osiris thread which i am in because was osiris clan farm too as well as dkod. That's why i call valkyrie a leech it seems to leech into what ever i am doing or when ever i talk he appears throughout the kaw years !!
  9. I was Osiris so probably explains why I was talking in that thread lol. Anyway I don't recall knowing your name up until early this year when you went on that rampage through WC/forums embarrassing yourself non stop over a few weeks. Ask me who Roni is pre 2019 and I probably wouldn't have had a clue. Because you're not exactly important or of any significance.

    Truth hurts but it is what it is.

    I also vaguely recall you claimed I started in 2011 and took a long break and only came back recently to "leech" off you. Funny, wasn't aware my kaw account could talk for itself while I was on hiatus.

    Hell, missed a big point here. Did you really go searching through forums for a ss like that and then change the direction of your thread to rant at me? Obsession much!

  10. All I can see is 3G data.
  11. Quit your lies valkyrie you wasnt osiris . I would know that because i fighted them for a few years . How sad and pathetic that you need to lie to cover yourself up from bwing exposed. Even Lethal says in that thread that you are leeching into his fight with osirus to impress them. That you wouldnt fight him alone but you leech in behind a clan who are fighting him . That's the story of your kaw life ,
  12. All i can see shyguy is noob 157,000 wins on your battle results
  13. Flicked through the thread, makes a good read ngl. Fun times for sure. Kinda sad to see so many people have quit from there since. But anyway, I saw you getting absolutely rekt by forumers nakc in 2013 and not much has changed has it? xD

    Turns out I was wrong, we have crossed paths before. Seems I forgot about you, most likely as you were and will always be irrelevant and insignificant. Noob.
  14. Ew 3G who even uses that anymore

  15. I was Osiris actually. My name was Os-Swift-Os

    I had a falling out with James and left. But still occasionally talk to snip etc.
    Funny how you feel you are in a position to tell me about who I have and haven't been in kaw. I think you need to step back and know your place.
  16. Alright you posted another useless screenshot, I guess you're trynna bring attention to your data connection? It's 3.5G I guess... Still pretty outdated.

    But hey, guess a chav can't afford a better data plan, can you?
  17. OK this is fun

    1) I'd say Roni has been relevant quite a few years now
    2) Valk, Roni completely just outed you as a guy... youre not gna respond to that?????
    3) Can tell this thread is going to be hilarious already (mainly because its a Roni thread, actual thread has no substance whatsoever tbh)
  18. This chav has a life outside of kaw and other expenses . You wouldnt know about them though when you still living at home with the parents. How sad are you as if all your accounts dont take up enough of your time. You make up 4 more accounts to rot on kaw with . Yes you are so productive and to be envied ?!! And i can gaurentee i am more talked about and remembered than you. You not even made it yet as a kaw legend. I did that years ago . No wonder you are obsessed about me and jealous and spawn lots of threads with me as the title you weirdo. So swifty/ valkyrie are you male or female or does it vary from year to year ?!!