Euro Cup 2016-Guess and Win

Discussion in 'Activities' started by ProviingAPoint, Jun 10, 2016.

  1. Congrats to our winners! Start Guessing for the next match before kick off. Good luck.
  2. Both teams aren't great. Hard one to predict, hmm.. I'd say Wales 2-0 Slovakia.
  3. But Wales has Bale and bale is cheeky 
  4. 2-1 slovakia
  5. Okay. We didn't have enough time for the wales vs Slovakia match so I'm going to add England vs russia now. Start Guessing and we have 3 hours. Good luck.
  6. England 3-0 Russia
  7. 2-1 England
  8. I want points for my wales prediction, i was in time kappa, if i got it correct that is lol
  9. Sure mate^ Lol
  10. 3-1 england
  11. England 1-1 Russia. England 4 disappointment of the tournament

    Grizzy wins gg @wales match
  12. A few got their guesses in time :)
  13. Nvm dont count wales match :lol:

    I just lost that one :D
  14. England vs Russia 2-0 to England
  15. 1 - 0 England
  16. Congrats grizzy! 1 hour to England vs Russia Kickoff..! Guess and win! Good luck.
  17. 2/2 for me so far  England win 4-1
  18. 2-1 England