Etiquette for Locking Posts

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  1. This is an interesting read. The mods are always wrong.

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  10. This is the biggest overstatement of a moderation posistion I have ever seen, you are not helping devs run a game, you are helping devs ban people that break rules they set for their game. As for bug reports I believe there is a feedback button in which you can submit bugs directly to the devs. So I guess anyone that has reported a bug has helped run the game!
    This in no way addresses that you can read every rule, but interpretations may be different. There almost always will be a gray area. To see why a player was silenced/why a forum was blocked provides a consistent record of fair and even application of the rules.
  11. Actually we do help the developers run the game, enforcing with their rules, teaching and assisting new players about the game itself and we also provide knowledge to players about rules when we either warn or when players ask.

    Normally most bugs we pick up we do have a direct line with the developers, more people report bugs in the better chances that the bug can be removed by the help of other players that play on different devices, this can therefor the developers can try to trigger the bugs then they can run codes to address the problems.

    We are also normal players as well which has been stated so many times without the years.

    Most of the time we do warn people, but this also depends on the violation that a user has committed, we then work together to see which action is required better, if a warn or a silence, but rare cases of a ban of the IP address.

    If players are caught violating the rules on purpose we will take action there and then! If players create number of alts to bot (which in this case can happen and has happen in the past where an abture clan has been banned) cause this is unfair to the player base.

    Throughout the years the developers have became softer for all players within their rules and we have been instructed by them as well.

    I understand that players do not like us that is completely ok, but please understand we do this as a volunteering job, we, do, not, get, paid for this.

    Also please keep this in mind, a lot of users have assisted us, moderators and developers in catching people account sharing, botting, being sickos etc which we do not allow on the game!

    With many complaints on forums with the locking, I will say this yet again.

    We lock threads for number of reasons.

    1: for spam.
    2: if a question has been answered, to prevent trolls from giving false information.
    3: if it’s unrelated to kaw in anyway just to break the peace.
    4: if people are accusing players of cheating.
    5: for players that troll on forums providing false information or attempt to attack people that are innocent.

    We normally review all threads daily, sometimes we may not have a chance due to our busy life’s, but we have others for that!

    Again thanks!
  12. It says trolls in the tou ? Or are you spreading false information again Eagle ?
  13. I completely agree with you mr Yafi eagle.

    I think we should all work harder to report bugs. As ATA have done such a good job of fixing them over the years, and the game is completely bug free now and running like a dream. Also loading the game is now super slick.

    GOOD JOB mods who also help ‘run’ the game

    <enter cool signature here>
  14. Fail Scouts .... glad you finally found your backbone Domo