Etiquette for Locking Posts

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  1. Ok dude this is getting I the only one seeing this other morons posts ? So if bionic posts on here then that’s 2. Morons and do they cancel themselves out ?
  2. Mods only helpful towards the clans an alliances there a part of,they lie cheat steal like real life crooked politicals. Bypassing the only rule they uphold as they turn blind eyes to interactions that go beyond the scope of fair game play, im guessing the only reason nothing is done about anything other than bypassing because it promotes sales. example, though it was updated that silences degrade over time an disappear. Peeps still perm silenced because it promates sales thru the creation of another account. The extremely loose hit range explains the rest of the promoting of sales but only to newer players trying to to grow on premium ebs, older players jus unload alts on them hourly because when you huge any kingdom compensate for hte so long story short in kaw there's no etiquette for anything unless a certain illusion must be kept. Example I made tons of complaints an nothing never happen for years then boom same week I unlock hte I got a ip ban all cause I told the moron grant to check the user interactions so he can see that the other party was already in violation before I walled both parties didn't get a infraction because mods not the only parties that's biased toward certain groups.
  3. Search acetown an inactive allyless alt now an still mod, which makes no since devs expect everyone to be perfect little angles when as you can see there's areas that need recoding an tending to events top priority I notice on my alt still the same introduction video where you buy a land for 30k on ll when all the lands free which mean the introduction video should reflect build type giving the option to attk/stl
    As introduction video 2.0 gives brief pros an cons
  4. How you do that
  5. Yeah I can never get my memes to post either. Sucks
  6. Maybe OP new to KAW but play other game and want help to put input to help our community. Since current mods are useless on forum except troll and lock threads. Old moderators are helpful with giving info about the game. Some of them also make threads about Q & A with rewards. There is only one moderator I think is very helpful choosy continuing updating EB info. Instead of trolling new players why no give advice and encourage to make more threads that are interesting for readers. My opinion anyway
  7. Ok, here’s the thing, moderators are here to help the developers run the game, we are here for bug reports and to keep people following the rules, new player or not, when you join a game you have to read the terms of use at the start.

    I understand that a lot of people don’t follow this step that’s why a lot of mistakes are made yes, but for us, if we see a thread that is nothing but spam, we will lock the thread at will, but if it’s a question thread and it will remain open till answered properly to avoid trolls posting.

    With drgn, I can see that he kept his forum ability’s but not the in game, so he’s half mod lol.

    So please if you have any questions as stated, please Wall and follow a moderator to get a better view of the question or if you feel like something is wrongly done by.

    We have a lot of people that don’t like us to those that understand our guidelines for the game.
  8. Wow it’s the coherent eagle.....I remember when your account had two very different types of posters. There was a non coherent wc Eagle that nobody could understand and the forum eagle that wrote like an English professor.
    Question is.....did you read tou when you started the game ?
  9. Who cares halfwit. Play the danm game or don’t. Holy muppet would be a more suitable name
  10. This is about the most interesting thing to come from this forum in the last couple years. Congrats, OP.
  11. Actually I do, if it’s a game I’m interested in I usually read the rules but common sense from kaw and koh.. so it’s pretty much basic knowledge on most online platforms these days.

    With the way I type on forums and wc is the speed, wc goes pretty fast so trying to get a response to other players can fast track anyone without thinking with a proper sentence before posting and since with Siri understanding new words and so on, a lot of people have to pay attention so the phone doesn’t make you bypass by mistake! Which can happen along, in my case with me so gotta be careful.

    On forums is a steady on going thing, you read, you take it in then think of a response, sometimes we make mistakes on forums and quickly fix the mistake up so it’s pretty much common sense really. :)

    But before I even started online gaming many many years ago when I had my first iPhone, I wasn’t a Phone tech person at the time and was still getting around to it, so not so much back then, which would be now 7 years ago, which I didn’t know much about the internet life back then much!

    Like when I was in my first high school, I never thought there was actually internet, just something we look up to study etc, so back then I didn’t even know about the internet at all, cause for my places I lived we have had no internet/wifi what so ever so it was pretty hard to understand.

    So really I had a late year to start actually learning proper grammar and sentence’s back then and then today, due to all the constant moving and not able to settle in school, being on here when I started to play, when I became a moderator and from studying via online which does help in a long way for me, so really everyone is still learning and even myself.

    Moving at the outback on a cattle station didn’t help what so ever, cause there was no service at all, so no phones, no internet! Which today would suck so bad for us all since we are all hooked onto our phones lol! But what we did do for fun was chop wood, ride the quads and do some cattle work, that’s when I was 15/16

    Also I still have my other account, have been to busy to play it currently, but when I do get on I try to Pop on forums or wc most of the time.

    Ok I’ll shut up now lol, kinda just forgot that I was typing all this and got lost through it all lol.

  12. ...all dudes?
  13. I think mods do a great job. Have been silenced a few times only one i disagree with though.

    I put a clan ad out looking for good looking girls to join clan. Had no response so said ok ugly girls can apply.

    Not sure what i did wrong

  14. So how does your mom like being in the clan?


  15. I’d fire your ass for this type of response if you worked for me.

    Kaw has one objective in this world and that’s to separate as much money from the user for the company’s benefit as possible. If this concept is too intellectually challenging for you to comprehend, you should reconsider your role here and go back to player only status.

    The hypothetical questions you didn’t answer at all,
    are valid and relevant to the current state of these forums.

    Answer the questions or don’t post in the forum at all.

    -A more seasoned player than yourself.
  16. KABOOM .......exactly
  17. Says the tiny little alt. How’s about using your main you ass hat. Or are we going to do this again Ella ? Use your main because you have been warned.