Etiquette for Locking Posts

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  1. OMG now you’re back peddling. So what should she do ? Wait until you message her when she becomes a seasoned player or should she ask questions? The OP is that question which so far you have NOT answered

    Just saying
  2. Yeah you caught me. I’m really just pretending and my absence of color or mod badge in game is just an illusion. I really do have all mod perks. :roll:
  3. I think you’re really taking TG’s comment out of context. Calm down you CNN News Anchors you.
  4. This
  5. New player, huh?

  6. I said:
    I’m not an alt
    This is my only acct
    This is a new acct.
  8. Hmm this quite concerning
  9. She’s not a new player to the game, she’s an old player and started a new account.

    But that doesn’t make for a narrative as good as ‘I got bullied as a new player to KaW by a big bad bully moderator’, but I digress.

    Go look at the other thread about the number of accounts you can have, at the top of AT, for the full story.
  10. Sigh. I forgot what thick headed imbeciles live on kaw.

    My narrative was never anything to do with being bullied. You are completely making things up, as if I sincerely damaged you in a past life.

    As soon as I realized “new account” was misconstrued, I clarified. Like... multiple times.

    And you just get angrier and smaller and sadder every time I reiterate the same thing .....

    I really feel like you’ve been hurt by a belle in the past....
  11. There are lots of Belles in kaw who knows which one that is
  12. Semantics maybe, but you also said;

    Guess you should have said you were a *returning* player to KaW, in which case I’m not sure I understand the point of this thread, or the last one actually if you have been here and are aware of KaWs forum guidelines, which can be found on your home screen under the FAQ > Terms and Conditions > Forum Rules.

    Welcome back.
  13. Get ready to be told that she already admitted to “misspeaking” and that “everyone has moved on” from arguing this, despite it being the premise of creating the entire thread.

    If you’re lucky Drgn she’ll call you names, but you have to work hard for it.
  14. Speaking of narratives, you’re obsessed with this idea that I’ve been hurt in the past by a “belle” given that you’ve said it what, 4 times now? Especially for someone who claims not to be that person. If you want to tell us all a story then go ahead, stop holding back?
  15. In playing this game for a long time and seeing mods from once I started, I have never seen them doing anything considered “bad” or something they shouldn’t, in fact I have a lot of respect for a lot of them. They have made super helpful guides and helped tons of new players. That being said, I find this post to be borderline absurd. Moderators are voulenteers to enforce rules, that’s it. You lock posts based on the rules presented, he/she is not telling you “how to moderate”, but questioning the rules of which you moderate. When being asked he/she should get a good description of the rule/reason their forum was locked, regardless of how long they have played.
  16. I see no reason as to why moderators shouldn’t leave a reason when locking a thread. If there is a clear set of rules and such post breaks one of these rules then it should be easy enough to copy paste that rule onto the thread. I have no clue to whether or not this is a new player or an alt, but frankly I don’t think this matters. No one has even explained to this person why their other thread was locked. If we are not able to see the rules, and have to message moderators to get the “lay of the land”, then how are we supposed to ever know that our forum will not be locked. Their needs to be a clear set of rules or they could lock any forum just because they don’t like it frankly. These forums should not be moderated like reddit.
    Edit: I have noticed that their is a rule section. But this does not take away from my point that rules should be clearly shown when locking a post, as they need to be enforced consistently, and if you don’t know what rule you broke, then how are you not going to break that next time.
  17. The moderator explained already that the thread was locked because the op was a moron
  18. Then could you link me the rule saying that morons are not allowed to post in the forums?
  19. Sounds like discrimination to me