Etiquette for Locking Posts

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  1. As is obvious, I’m a new player to KAW. While exploring this interesting and exciting new community, I found my way to forums.

    I posted a message that didn’t contain any meaningful content and was rightfully locked.

    However, the verbiage that was added as the reason for the lock was:

    “Cool story, bro.

    Interesting, yet profound. Really changed my life”

    Or some nonsense from what was trending on the internet to be cool in 2015.

    Here’s my point:

    Should the lock message contain a reason for the lock? Or should it contain snide remarks that turn off new players from joining this app?

    Should moderators be allowed the dual roll of troll- the antithesis of helpful?

    I hope this quandary meets the standards for postage in KaW.

    Thank you all.

  2. Welcome to KaW :^D
  3. This is lame. It’s not a new player just some idiots alt.
  4. See my join date. I’m super new. This is my only acct.
  5. what you mean what you meannn
  6. Moderators are helpful, and I’ll take you on your word as a new player... so being that, you shouldn’t come into a game and start on how things should be moderated when you’re new yourself, just saying. Get seasoned in the game for a bit whether you’re playing or on forums posting.

    After time you’ll see why things are done the way they are, also the comment made by the moderator that locked the thread I honestly found to be more humorous than negative in my opinion.

    All questions on how things are done can be answered by a moderator which you can follow and ask why this or why that or whatever you feel over issues that you may face or have concerns over. :)
  7. Don't make a lockable post. #DrgnForVK
  8. So- your response to: “should moderators lock posts with a valid reason or a troll?” is:

    “Don’t ask questions, kid”

    Lol. Then you say- if you have questions, message me, who is telling you not to question things till you’re older, or my friend, who started off to you immediately.
  9. Lol never said don’t ask kid but one truly needs to know look up some stuff in the faqs section which really needs an overhaul or ask around there’s plenty of forumers to let you know how things are done to keep a thread open and what gets them closed.

    Asking a question and complete my on here about how things are done are two different things also I said ask a moderator not go posting it to forums, I honestly don’t see you as a new player rather yet one we’ve seen before since you’re going all out on this. So with that said got questions? Follow me, if not have fun in the game and learn more about forums and how they are moderated and all should be good :)
  10. Pfft... all out :)
  11. The mods are only doing their job, they mainly see things like this as “spam”. Which I believe they are told to lock as soon as identified. I saw that you put the eyes () emoji/sign which could come under the “spam” category. It makes their jobs easier, as threads as such mainly get hijacked and turned into something completely different. Don’t take offence over the locking, at least you got a reply! . I’m guessing the mod in question was just trying to use a sense of humour!
  12. Are you my mom? Jkjk welcome to kaw :)
  13. Maybe. The early 2000’s were a blur.
  14. Technically speaking I am no longer a moderator, but after posting on your thread I realized I was still green, so went ahead and tested it out by locking your thread, that you admit contained no meaningful content and was rightfully locked.
  15. No longer a mod but you still have all the mods perks. Makes sense.
  16. Yeah. That seems legit.

    “I can be rude bc I’m not a mod”

    *mod powers: engage”
  17. Omg.....did you just tell a new player to wait to become a seasoned player before they play the game and or post in forums ???
    How the hell was that even remotely helpful Titan ? I think your first sentence should have read like this....” Some moderators are helpful let me direct you to the ones that can help you..I am not the moderator to help you.”

    Then wall her the mod name for help. That would have been a short post instead of the crap you just spewed. Seriously become a Mod first before you give advice to new players. Here’s a question.....when will she be a seasoned player ? 1week ?

    On Domo scale of just suck Titan
  18. LMAO !!!! Titan you are an ass hat for saying that. Game s hurting enough that nobody should be turned away like that.