Estoc Wars Guide [UPDATED]

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by IllIll_BlackHandLegion_IllIlI, Mar 16, 2015.

  1. Well deserved sticky! Congrats!
  2. Interesting. I want to war now. Too bad I'm too small 
  3. Great thread support for sticky
  4. Bump, for the noobs that will most likely be signing up today.
  5. thanks for helping me today had a great 10 bill to 5 bill war cuz of this guide.
  6. Refer this thread to all your indi first timers!
  7. how 2 war thx I now kno
  8. This thread need to be easier to find in forum, really since i've started ee, maybe 2-3 weeks ago in indy i was looking for info about warring and took me a while to find this one, wich is really great info, also for tracking n WC tips, altho WC i'd like to have more on the subject. But still first info i have find on forum about it, Tyvm for this post.
  9. It's under the "Strategy" section of forums and since its stickied it should stay near the top
  10. Very Nice Break Down. Thanks
  11. Great guide
  13. Nooooooooooo waayyyyyyyyyyyyyy