Estoc Wars Guide [UPDATED]

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  2. Anyone who wants to post war tips, please do, and I will add them to the OP with credit to the user who submitted the tip.
  3. Ive seen the abbreviation ss being used in clan chat during indi war. What does that mean?
  4. SS = Spread Sheet. Is usually a Google Document/Google Spread Sheet. It also means Screen Shot depending on the context of the subject. If someone says "where is the enemy SS?" then they are talking about the Spread Sheet, if they say "I took a SS and am sending it." then they are talking about a Screen Shot.
  5. Spreadsheet, or screenshot.
  6. Great thread for begginers to war... Why isn't this stickied?
  8. I don't know. I put tons of effort into this and the old one from 2 years ago is still in the guide section. Just gotta wait until they finally get around to it.
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  13. Very informative wish more peeps of KaW would take time to read these 
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  15. Great thread! I'm actually about to start using it!
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  19. Here is the better alternative to blackhandfarmerneedsahoe's guide.
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