Estoc War Build

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by Lorien, Aug 22, 2016.

  1. Whats a good build for the EE wars im new to the game, so I dont know much about this stuff. Also Im sorry if you think I put little effort towards this forum. I dont know much about forums either... lol
  2. Lady of Lorien (moonface)
  3. Dag nab it !
  4. Well indi build is your own choice but good ll builds are either hybrid or ps1/hansel builds
  5. Don't ask these, they'll moan whatever your build 
  6. Try the Hybrid build: 15 Coe, 5 Sos, 4 sdt, all maxed. It's quite versatile and a popular choice, and good for homogenous hyrbid-build clans.
  7. SSH great build, ...oh right this isn't 2015 :(
  8. Depends on what u want. If u want to be a tank u need adt and sdt. If ur a ps1 u really don't need adt cause wc most likely will have u dump troops and stay zt so they won't plunder ur regens.
  9. "Firsting," or so it is called, results in a 24 hour temporary forum ban.
  10. Who died and made u mod?
  11. Moose (moonface pt2)
  12. my build is a hyb tank build and quite good for EE
  13. Build whatever you'd like. For indy it's best to tower up whatever build you're using (Hansel, PS, Hybrid, Attack).

    For LowLands you have PS1, Hybrid, Tank. It's Rock, Paper, Scissors.
  14. Haldir of Lorien (moonface)
  15. Honestly..what I have found is that build is much less relevant than bfe/bfa in indi wars...atleast in the bracket I am in right now.
  16. With your current build you have 2 options
    1. Put up some sdt and ADT then grow att but always keep sdt and ADT relevant to your att

    2. Go hyb. Grow spy to same size as your att put up some sdt and ADT(7/12/7/12 would be good)

    If u want to avoid towers then go Hansel or grow BFA
  17. That's a decent indi build for ur bracket,for ll u can go 1 coe,23 sos hansel or any hyb build