Estoc Trials, The Rancor Wars - SEASON 2

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  1. I know we are supposed to contribute when we comment, but.....
    War times suck, that is all!
  2. Great job devs, unfortunately, the war times are pretty bad for EU players. Please consider moving a couple of the wars to a friendlier hour
  3. War 2 n 4 needs to be one hour earlier n everything is fine
  4. Well thanks Dev's for screwing us Europeans over once again. We have spent so much of our actual money on these trails, helped you out tweak the system, modified our builds to suit new system for us to be only able to take part in a minute amount of wars in season 2.
    The times are no way suitable to us European and feel you have just abused our time and effort, taken our money and made the schedule suited to US, as always.
    Come on, make it a even playing field for once.
    I hope you are aware if u keep to this schedule you will be making A LOT if customers very unhappy and no doubt lose them forever.
    SORT IT OUT ASAP before it gets to this stage.
  5. Ummm I am USA tz and all the late wars for us are till 12-1am in the morning too ... The 2am start time ok is ridiculous but the I can't stay up till 12-1 o'clock to war .. Really? Are u not adults? Yeah would I like my wars earlier sure I'd love to get done rest and be awake in the morning for work ... But everyone gets screwed the same here it ain't just u ... Well Asian tz gets screwed worse but euro is in same boat as USA
  6. Can someone post in my wall what time I have to take being in Italy?
  7. 2,4,5,7,9,10 are all reasonable wars with same tz as USA 1,3,6,7,8,10
  8. Only 3 out of the 10 wars start between 7am and 11pm in the uk
  9. Come on, Central Europe is at GMT 2 
  10. So Italy GMT 2... Enjoy
  11. Even worse for rest of EU... UK 1... Reasonble times? War2,4,10 starts at 00:00-01:30 ends lol way to late to be EU times
  12. Station Hiney is just a brown nose  wake up ofc its better times for US ppl if you say something else your lying 
  13. War times poor again for the uk ! Worse than season 1
  14. Thanks Devs for posting the Season 2 war times, however these times don't do much for Aussie KaWers (as was the same with season 1 war times).... Only 2 possibly 3 wars that are at kind of warrable times for the Aussies out there in the KaWmunity. 
  15. R we gonna have to buy war crystals ??
    And will we still be able to use the normal crystals in war as well??
    R there gonna be new quests for war crystals or ebs ??
  16. Plz change the schedule. Im able to do only 2 wars out of 10. Most of the wars are 2am GMT which are too early for me
  17. GMT TIMESMFOR WAR 9 and 10 are wrong I think
  18. Can I suggest that once a player reaches level 50 they can be locked into 50 without losing levels? I like the risk/reward with losing and gaining along the way, but when a lot of players toward the end start to get to 50 and don't want to risking going down, the clan can start having problems getting well organized wars together. I dont think anyone who has reached the max should be able to go down for losing anymore. they've reached the goal already.
  19. - what about gh ? You said that you would do something about them being ridiculously overpowered in EE before the start of season 2.

    - again, war times suck for players that are not US-based. The best items require a high level of rancor that will most certainly not be achievable by EU, Asia etc. fix this, or you will put in this game that famous gap between players that you claim wanting to avoid