Estoc Trials, The Rancor Wars - SEASON 2

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  1. The war times for Europe are really bad, only wars 5, 7 and 9 are even possible if you work or go to school. And those are all 2 hour wars aswell? I guess we gotta work double as hard as our Amercican clannies with a third of the wars available to us to get the items. Óź°
  2. It's pointless I have mailed this feedback.
    Posted it in active threads.

    Kawadmin won't respond to the feedback about times.
    Not even in mail.
  3. War crystals and season THREE!
  4. 1.App was down for 15 min 1 h before war start and is way too laggy atm... impossible to prepare for war! Fix it or cancel war and refund.
    2. EDT and GMT are not 5 hours apart; just 4
  5. amazing how quickly devs respond to issue with haunts and lack of new seal, BUT no repsonse to the large amount of feedback on times of wars for europe and Asia . and they cant get their facts sorted about start times War 9 was said to start at 11 GMT which is 12pm BST guess what it started at 10GMT meaning many who would have warred missed sign up

    Again doubt devs will have decency to repsond on a an issue that effects many as long as they are getting their 24 daily xstals from 3x haunts..

    Come on repond to us about times of war, T6lVL2 waste of time especially the adt

    if we could burn 24 xstal daily in wars i am sure it would have all been fixed
  6. The random wArs are not random war8 took me out every 7 minutes maybe 1 was 8 minutes please look into that issue thank you
  8. Devs, please change the war times for 2 4! Make them one hour earlier...
  9. So, u can't even get war times right? Is war 10 going to be 11pm or 10pm GMT? You state 11pm but in fact it started at 10pm tonight. Come on, it's not hard to work out. Just look at a clock.
  10. For god sakes. Just add 2 hours to the countdown clock and figure out the times.
  11. The war time needs a revision. How can you put 4 hrs difference between EDT and GMT correctly in war 2 and 4? and then give a difference of 5 hrs between them in wars 9 and 10? Thanks to you,i was inactive in war 10 for 30 mins against a respectful opponent like DiViNuM FuRoReM. I have lost my respect as a warrior in my clan all coz of this mistake done by you. What else can i do now. I'm dejected by this. Please change the timing from next week atleast. I am sure im not the only asian who was cheated by the devs.

    Happy Kawing
  12. Asian timezone is neither EDT or GMT...?
  13. Yes its not but i follow GMT as its easier to calculate the time for me. GMT is widely followed by all than other standard time.
  14. Don't quote me on this, but I think this weekend might have been GMT day light savings... not sure if that is why or not. Definitely understand the frustration though.
  15. 10pm GMT is late for UK let alone Europe. 1 hour earlier please.
  16. Daylight savings is on the 26th of October. Now back to business.

    22 pages in, and still no response from the devs. Times are wrongly calculated, aside of being terrible for all non-americans. We had spent 5 weeks on this in season 1, before times got changed for more descent ones. WHY THE HELL DIDN'T YOU USE THOSE TIMES ? ARE YOU STUPID ENOUGH TO KEEP DOING AGAIN AND AGAIN THE SAME MISTAKE ? And still no ******* response. Are you going to delete this thread without responding, just like you did with the t6 lvl2 ?
  17. 8Pm would be perfect would end 12am .
    But hey pointless this thread is abandoned by devs.
  18. When are you gonna post week 1 schedule?
    And also when are you gonna answer the server crash before war started? And the excess amount of players which is supposed to be 29 max. Lots of questions out there. We want answer :)
  19. The old 8pm-8:30pm GMT wars were a way better time for almost every time zone than 10pm-10:30pm wars...


    Then you make the ones on a weekend earlier...? Logic?
  20. Devs times suck for season 2 a lot of people want to war but can't as times are stupidly late or early for people