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Discussion in 'Past Events' started by admin, Nov 3, 2012.

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  1. Thank you for offering the playing community the opportunity to help field test the new system. A few comments:

    1. It was easy for the opposing clan to sit on you once KO'd with little opportunity to regain a fighting position. Regen needs a re-think.

    2. Great to see within your own clan that one of your members had just KO'd an opposing player. However other side also saw this and this member became an instant target. Suggest other side does not see this message.

    3. Admin point: On original request for clans to join the beta test KAW Admin said 'Once your clan signs up, we'll match you with another clan of a similar level.' This did not happen. For example my own clan were #39 were placed against a clan at #10 on lb. Without a doubt they played magnificently and deserved the win, but it was a miss-match from the outset. My only suggestion here is to actually make it fair if you want clans to continue in the beta testing without getting totally demoralized.

    4. I think the 'short war' in terms of time was a popular move as it allowed even those with a busy real life to be able to participate.

    Thank you again for the chance to help make KAW a more enjoyable experience.
  2. Why 'but ton' got censored?
  3. I thought the new update was pretty gd :D
    but the rewards were absolutely shocking... :evil:
    and the devs need to do something to make clan (like mine) to war again tmr...cause whats the point if ppl alreeady have bronze edge?
  4. allowing ko'd people a period of invincibility is a terrible idea! the point is to prevent turtle wars. If they were allowed a period where they could attack but not be hit back would allow them to keep knocking themselves out allowing them to remain invulnerable.
    perhaps a way around that is to make the ko period longer so they activate with their troops stronger meaning they need more hits to be ko'd again, or, it could be an idea to make the ko period random so that activation can't be timed by the other side
  5. I don't think that when you get knocked out it should take gold off your plunder that you've made. I think other team should make gold but if you get gold taken it doesn't show how well you really did.
  6. It was a fun experience I like the new system but for war rosters it would be a lot easier if the players where numbered, seems like it would be a lot easier for everyone.  But other than that I loved it. oh one more thing the pay out I really feel like I got ripped on.
  7. Overall great fast paced way to war good work devs.
    A few ideas that could improve the system
    1. Bigger penalty for self ko's
    2. If ko self u get the standard 15 min regen/protection
    3.Because of the difficulty getting back into war after being ko'ed u get the standard 15min regen/protection plus an additional 15min regen/protection unless u choose to forfeit the extra time by making an action against opposing clan.
    4. A bit undecided about your name in opposing clans cc as the one to perform a ko i did feel like a target straight after using up troops/spies to get the ko only to be ko'ed straight back.
    Don't know if this makes any sense just some thoughts 
  8. ehm KaW, i can t see the estoc's bronze edge in my alchemist. But it shows up when i m hitting.
  9. I think the new war system was definitely interesting. I spent 3:45:00 knocked out however due to the matchups being majorly against me and my side. Also due to the fact the opposition is possibly the best war clan on Kaw.

    One thing to change: The set 15 minute regen.

    This permits the opposing side to know exactly when to begin hitting again and consequently knock you out again. You are essentially unable to participate in any way in the war. I, for example, achieved approximately 30 successful actions......


    Change the 15minute regen to randomly change to any amount of time between 5-15minutes for each knockout so the opposition doesn't know when you'll be back up for hits. The regenerated troop count will obviously be smaller, but will permit more activity and the chance of success on the opposing side.


    Also provide a regen timer for those who are knocked out so they know when they can again begin hits. To make it slightly more interesting on this idea, the last minute of this regen period should be like normal: "Less than a minute."


    I did a whole lot of housework for the 3:45:00 minutes I was knocked out. 
  10. Overall war was more like old days. Lots of mithril and pots burnt in just 4 hrs yet reward and plunder made is too little. Kindly revise the rewards system if this is going to be long term.
  11. I had repeated server issues. This left me vulnerable for long periods of time.
  12. First of all No more turtle war i totally love new system war as small stat players also have a chance on knock bigger stat players out( only if they don't knock themselves out first). Secondly KO reports can tells us how good or bad n active our team is without scanning on their stats. However devs should increase mith reward as we have spend way more than we earn!!!
  13. The new war system rocks,but the rewards really need to be changed,i used 44 mithtil in a 4 hours war and i only gained 19!!for me the cost of one mith are 600 mil,which means i lost 15,6 bil on mith,plus all the gold you loose by using pots and banking your money!!it was fun,but made me loose alot of gold!!that needs really to be reviewed!!
  14. I really hated the match up systems. It doesn't make sense for my clan to be warring one that is 30 spots higher on the LB. You should be warring clans within 1-3 spots of your LB Strongest ranking.
  15. Only thing that sucked about this war was the rewards they really need to be better and the Estoc edge thing should give better plunder increase.
  16. I agree the match ups sucked we were ranked 42 and warred a #16 on the lb. but war rebels way to stay active the entire war that was impressive and we liked ur strategy y'all were just too big for us
  17. Better mith reward.
    i agree. the rewards for winning would be better if the mith u used was at least replaced.
    Other than that i give the new war system
    5 out 5 stars.
  18. Appling estoc edge just to plunder doesnt seem to help much to cover cost of war (increase first hit by less than 1m). Would be nice if it applied to allies bonus as well.
  19. Great update - big improvement in war system - also agree that it would be nice if either the mith payout increased or the war tax went down
  20. I see no issue with the clan we warred. Was very fair. They were ranked 35 and us ranked 76. We won by quite a bit. It all just depends on activity.
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