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Discussion in 'Past Events' started by admin, Nov 3, 2012.

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  1. It should be where the winners get the Estoc no matter if they leave the clan or not. Some people have plans/lives and don't want to take up a space while they're inactive.
  2. Please attach with a screenshot if impossible???
  3. I see alot are satisfied with the 4 hour time...I think at such an intensity the time was perfect too...but it seams the match inflated its own ambiance exponentially ...the longer it goes the more knockout money is payed based on activety and how much u win or the begining knockouts pay 0 or little but towards the end they get over a longer war would increase the knockout's an idea though: increase regin speed while knocked out and reduce knockout time to 10 minutes instead of 4 Regins every 10 minutes as opposed to 3 every 15 minutes...this causes more activety and increases knock out pay because more money flying around and still just 4 hour war

    Also I had an Ali purchased from me during the war by an outside player...maybe limit Ali purchases from outside players during war too just allowing in war players to buy each others Ali's...don't want to take away stripping but all actions from outsiders including Aly purchases should be stopped...but this also effects other peoples game play that are not warring limiting their Ali purchasing so maybe a bad idea I don't know

    Great War system devs
  4. I have one small request, that is one will not lose the Estoc bonus if one lose a Estoc war. This is to encourage more people for warring. The high war tax, costs of pots/mithrils and 'wasted' time is good enough.

    Thanks. :)
  5. Forgot to put it in yes please keep the 4 hour war it was madness and I loved it !
  6. Anyone have any feedback on the effectiveness of defense towers? Very interested in learning more about defense towers in new war system...the opportunity cost of lower stats and plunder as opposed to static defense is it worth it? Lets here about it

    I really enjoyed the fact that as an attack player my spi activety was possible through scout bombs...really love the scouting...maybe make a way for attack troops to kill spies...I hate when u wipe out a players attack troops and have half an attack bar left and then use all ur spies up and they have spies left and they wipe u out with assassinates and u cant do nothing about it with your attack troops...assassinate should do less to attack troops or attack troops should have the option to attack spies as well
  7. Reply to hap - that forces clan cooperation kinda the idea of war right
  8. I enjoyed the new war system, but the other side forfeited halfway through, so wasn't happy we had to wait to start an eb. Would like to see devs either not allow forfeits or allow us to start an eb if there is a forfeit, at least during these trials.
    Like many others, I would like to see a better way of coming out of KO so you have a fighting chance. The devs said they would work on the payout and i'm looking forward to what they decide on, but the mithril use/payout defo needs to be adjusted.
    Originally the ectos was supposed to be a clan bonus, with the whole clan losing the ectos factor should too many join clan or leave clan once ectos factor began. I was very satisfied with the devs altering the ectos factor to individual bonuses, which would be lost if you left your clan. It provides the opportunity for more clan unity without penalizing the whole clan should too many peeps come and go.
    One of the questions I have is whether the new war system will eventually be a part of all wars...or will it only be a part of the devs random match up wars? I would prefer to see the new system be a part of all system wars which would encourage more wars.
  9. Being a spy build, I had the role of KOing opponents.
    I KO'd about 10 of the enemy team, but because scouts and assass don't give plunder I done terrible on plunder score?

    I still see no incentive to war... I get a TINY plunder increase, to get a decent amount of increase I'd have to win what? 5 wars? Easier said than done.

    In that 4 hours, I could've done a haunt and got way more than I'd get in 14 days of a 1.8m increase.
  10. If you need a timer when your ko'd just check your news it tells you how long
  11. I agree with max mithrils allowed per war, like 4 mithril max for 4 hour war and 10 max for 24 hrs war and about knock out system, they should be immune in the first 30 minutes regen, and suddenly lost their immunity if they scout, assa or attack
  12. Remove name on news of those successful action. Fail action too bad your name on news. Being attack will start to wonder who burn my troopers. Currently no fun at all as once you attack whole clan will sit on you 

  13. @Kaw Admins

    If we already acquired the estoc bronze edge, what will be the benefits if we win the second trial? Cuz we know that the stake are high cuz if we lose the war we lose the estoc as well.. So how will you encourage or entice the winning clans to participate again? Since the estoc will be at lvl -only- during these trials..

    Grateful for your immediate feedback, cuz we currently having debate if we will join again or not..
  14. Pointless , as soon as your knocked out for 15 mins the other clan just takes a note of your regen time and as soon as your open again they jump on u and knock you out . And because you are low on troops after hits and u are useless because if u hit after this u run the risk of knocking yourself out .Best thing to come out of all this is bronzed bar there a life saver , this update would not make me want to war . NO SUPPORT
  15. It's difficult for me to properly rate the new system as half my clan let us down by being inactive which let our opponents keep our big hitters continually KO'd as they had 2x as many active. Very frustrating but that's not a fault in the update.

    One thing that bugged me was that when u recover from a KO, the other side can KO u again right away. Think they should keep the 15 min recovery time as is but add 5-10 mins where u can hit but not be hit back. That way at least u can participate other than when u xtal.

    Hopefully next war there'll be less inactives and will get to test this out properly.

    Undecided whether the advertising of your KOs in the opposition cc is a good thing. It takes away the need for communication and gives them an easy way to target you.
  16. KO them before they KO you best double KO
  17. I love the system an had so much fun only problem was I was tired (war ended at 1am) but other then that the war was amazing congrats to 4 seasons on the win and I can't wait to war again. However one thing I did notice was the bad grammar (_______ is knocked themselves out) there were definitely new strategies that took place and the war system seemed more elaborate so it was actually a challenge not a turtle war
  18. yeah totally agree Dragon. The opponent has always the same chance of winning by using the same strategy.
    I like this new war system -SUPPORT-
  19. First off, there appears to be a bug in forum. The reply button missing and only appears when I open a random thread in active topics, then switch back here.

    Back to the war, this new war system is awesome. It encourages active communication and participation from all clan members. Short war duration of 4 hours is perfect as it's a lot easier to stay active continuously for 4 instead of 8 hours.

    KO timer will be great but it's not much use as hitting right after coming out of KO will just make you an easy target for KO again. Most of you probably will not agree but how about staying KO till 50% troops. This way there's a better chance to survive when coming out of KO. For those who don't wanna wait 30 mins, maybe the KO system can be tweaked so that the compulsory KO is 15 mins. After which the player has the option to choose to come out of KO by taking action. Otherwise he can choose to stay invulnerable for the full 30 mins before coming out of KO automatically.

    Just my 2 cents worth.
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