Espirienced kindom reker 4 hire

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  1. Its simpol.
    U pay me 2 bil in max charm and ill rek the kindom of ur likin for a weak.
    Idc who the target is. Idc if hes aliance. Idc if hes ma frend. Idc if hes "tough". I jost don care k?
    Post in ma wol ur requests. Kofte bictims are preferd.
    Thank u for ur time
  2. What a bargin! How many unloads per day is covered under rekking?
  3. In a unrelated note. Estop buyin ma gaddarn allyes u ppl. Not fonny. Jost estop k? I don wana rek ppl agen for somethin that simpol. Tganks
  4. Thanks for ur intrest. Every regen bar will go to that claun. For at list 8 hrs estraight
  5. Every regen for 8 hours? Not quite a week then
  6. I min, 1 ful bar ebery hour for 8 hrs u noob
    8x7= 42 bars... At list
    If target cryes a lot then probly dobol the bars
  7. 42 bars is less than 2 days
    Double the bars to 84 and you have 3 and a half days
    Still not a week but sure crack on
  8. Where the hel do i esleep in ur calculation? Lmao
  9. Do you accept by-the-bar payments for farming too? E.g. if I needed a bar dropped on someone once per day for a month and a half instead of 8 bars per day for 7 days straight?
  10. what is sleep?
  11. Salty has probably never used an alarm in his life. Nice battle stats too. (Grimace)
  12. The fact that I can read ur posts and understand them perfectly show how much I value your forum posts. Keep it up
  13. I’ve no idea how salty intends to do it, but since when is 8x7=42?
  14. Neither of my questions were answered :/ I'm not gonna hire anyone without solid information
  15. I like. Will you accept 2m in charms?