espaced themed mobies(spoilers alert!)

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  1. Could've sworn inside out was a kids movie
  2. Salty speaks in chumpanise
  3. Yoda just mad i trashed his raggedy ass for over a year
  4. Yea, it is, I just accidentally read too fast and didn't understand Salty only wanted Sci-Fi movies. I randomly spewed movies I had seen and liked. My bad, again.
  5. I know it's rude to give unsolicited advice but Salty, please bring an interpreter with you next time. Drawing pictures might help too.
  6. Support
  7. Perhaps a slower pace show for beginners would suit you.... Try watching Little Einsteins or Handy Manny or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I wish I could see the huge smile on your severely mentally handicapped face when Handy Manny teaches you some words in Spanish... Because English is clearly not for you.
  8. Y u do dis 2 me m8 Salty
  9. Salty- since you mentioned Riddik (yes no c there, have you seen the first one called Pitch Black? Much more sci-fi.
    Or the second movie The Chronicles of Riddik?
  10. Pitch Black was and still is amazing.
    Chronicles was okay, but I haven't seen it in years so maybe I just wasn't into it as much when I was younger.
  11. Pitch black really did set it all up nicely.

    I thought Doom was good too.
  12. I si u hiding under a rock this whole time. Most ppl no im fluent in espanish. I lived in mejico and Thailand. And ibe traveled the world so ive picked up a few words along the way u ful!
  13. Now, yes i watched pitch black. Didnt like it much. Too cartoon ish. But i got to accept it set a nice precedent to the series.
  14. Garbage fred
  15. :::THIS PLAYER HAS RETIRED THIS MUST BE AN IMPOSTER ....or another attention seeking "retiring" player
  16. Best movie eber is Warrior. Not sic-fi, at all, but still da best.
  17. Look, if u want me to kick yo ass just say so k?
  18. Wutfh bubylun farve is rill gud tu seres
  19. Guardians of the galaxy was pretty good....was overhyped for me though...oh and District 9