espaced themed mobies(spoilers alert!)

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  1. So, i recentli asked in wc about som mobies cuz i had some time to esper. Nothing.

    I kinda like mobies about tech and espace. So, i tho u nerds, good for nothings, and ashes of eden could jelp me put tugeter a short(or long up to u) list of good mobies to watch.

    Ill get u chumps estarted:

    Stars wars: if u dont no this mobies u just... I dont even no what to say.

    Intergalactic: bery good...until the guy falls into black jol and outta all the infinite points in the uniberse he lands in the one directli across home.

    Grabiti: top notch. Iss gets wrecked and she makes it bak to earth.

    Solaris,Prometheus and star trek were also kinda ok. I looked up this in browser cuz as i said u chumps failed to gibe me suggestions and those three were the ones i had seen already.

    So plz ad to the list or beat it cuz i aint got timefor ur shenanigans.

    Thank you.
  2. I'm sorry, but the official language of the Kingdoms at war forums is English.
  3. Spaceballs salty. Watch spaceballs.
  4. I tried watchin this mobie called a hitchhikers guide to the uniberse. Tried. Full of weirdos. I just couldnt.
  5. I no understand...
  6. Abandon thread please. Post again and you will be reported to support for asking the lock of a thread which you did not create. Thanks.
  7. Salty showing off his actual grammar for a second.
    You tried watching Riddìck salty? Its kinda space themed.
    The name of that movie is blocked for some reason. Pretty sure I know why, but its still ridiculous.

  8. Wow, it speaks English.

    Anyway :D

    American Hustle is a great movie. (Rated R)

    Inside Out (PG-13) is a wonderful movie.

    Divergent is awesome. (PG-13)
    Insurgent is freaking amazing. (PG-13)

    Hot Pursuit (dunno rating) is funny as hell. Would definitely recommend.

    [didn't know this was only about tech and space lol. But the movies I mentioned up above are really good. Js.]
  9. Actually, gud suggestion cas. I watched the last one and it was pretty good. Ill watch it again thanks

  10. ^Saltyfeet, did I read that correctly? It was legible and grammatically correct!

    I like your suggestions anyway, I would add Supernova, Aliens series and the Predator series if you're after decent sci fi movies. (There were a couple that sucked, but all in all they're worthwhile watching.
  11. Is it me? I didn't even understand the title of the topic 
  12. I didn't either
  13. Try harder? Everyone else got it just fine.
    Another great movie is guardians of the galaxy.
    District 9 was okay.
    I heard Oblivion was good, but people will say that about anything with Tom Cruise.
  14. Supernova and oblivion i dont think ibe seen. Alien and predator series were good but tu mani sequels kinda kill them. I did not like guardians of the galaxi. Nice suggestions tho.
  15. The Adventures of shark boy and lava girl... Watch it,it's great movie
  16. I saw it. Not a great film. Horrible effects. Not worth the time.
  17. Retire already bum...