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  1. Hello all you equipment collectors (whether ye be EB wizards or EE clashers). I've noticed that some of you are starting to get quite a collection. I've also noted that most people seem to believe that equipment from higher tier EB's is more powerful than lower tier EB equipment. That is not necessarily true. You may have multiple items in an equipment slot but many times they have very different stats.

    For example I rarely see the original spiky helmet equipped these days. It just collects dust. But from a spy attack perspective it is better to wear than the Stalwart (270K vs. 0). On the other hand if you are being troop attacked by an adversary you should be wearing the Stalwart (0 vs. 2M)

    Or how about the shoulders? If you are attacking or being attacked you want the Plates (5M vs. 0). On the other hand if you are spy attacking or being spy attacked you want the groovy green cape (0 vs. 1M)

    I use these 2 examples to show that depending on the situation you want to equip different weapons. What a hassle to constantly switch them out! :|

    Let's say you are taking a break from warring (because this is a war game and you'd never admit to being an EB fairy...you're stocking up :p ). So you are hitting some skeletal apparitions in a Haunting. When attacking you'd want to equip all the weapons that boost your attack stats. When assassinating you would want to equip all the weapons that pump up your spy attack stats. If you went through all that trouble it would be a huge hassle especially if you unload every hour and have to switch back and forth.

    The solution would be a series of buttons on your equipment screen. I would recommend 1 button at each corner. If you pressed either of those 4 it would switch your equipment to emphasize pure troop attack, pure troop defend, pure spy attack and pure spy defend.

    Then there should be a button between those at the top center, bottom center and each side center. Pushing those buttons lets you emphasize a combination. For example if you want to go pure defend that button would equip the best combination of troop defend + spy defend.

    Whether maximizing EB hitting or making a quick switch in war I think these buttons would be extremely helpful.

    Your thoughts :?:
  2. Another example of being lazy.... :/

    Maybe u want it in the middle? Or your own custom equip set up? Like me?

    No support.
  3. People want it in different ways. Not everyone's like you sorry.
  4. Ever heard of work smart not hard? It's not being lazy. It is being efficient. Let me guess...you work for a government.
  5. No xD

    And I don't really think people want to have their equip all attack or all spy. Some need a little edge on both.
  6. He said to leave my thought did he not? So I did no hate 
  7. Precisely why I suggested the 4 combo buttons so you can select the edge that works for you in a pinch. It's about speed and efficiency.

    When doing EB's all attack or all spy is exactly what you need. A quick switch back and forth to maximize. When you are warring it would be handy to to switch quickly back and forth between attack and defend or whatever combination you want.
  8. I say have 4 sets. Customized for different situations and you can choose between your 4 custom set ups. Or just have it put however you feel.
  9. Interesting idea, it would be very useful however with limited screen space and on the bottom two corners so much being crammed in I don't see this happening. I will say that it is unique and not a bad idea though
  10. I like this xD support
  11. This would make things much easier. I support the idea.

    I don't think it'll get implemented though because I don't see any connection between implementing this idea and increased revenue for the devs.

    Good luck, OP.
  12. Hmm… perhaps that, or someone could edit the presets with their desired combination…
  13. I would like to see it on the pot selection screen for atking and a quick tab somewhere when in defensive mode, it is tough to switch on the fly in EE war