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  1. How cool would it be to finally be able to sell equipment.. Be able to clean out your closet of some crap equip.. The seller would post equip with a selling price, buyer would pay amount for equip.. I have seen and played several games that use similar systems,, all backed with great player feedback.. Maybe charge nobs to be able to post equip, that way we are covering some of Devs expense.. I believe this would add a new aspect to KAW that players would definitely support.. What do you guys and gals think.. :cool:
  2. That would be so awesome,, it would really help little guys like me.. :p .. Totally Support
  3. Sounds good to me
  4. Support really good idea bro
  5. Sounds might even make a new goal for farmers...and perhaps after u sell the item u cannot get it back???
  6. No support, plainly for the fact it would ruin having to earn the equip, If you sold them like you dropped buildings then I'd support it :)
  7. Totally agree bossman,, nice
  8.  HELLLL YEAHHH!!!!!!! sell sell sell and plus it stops failed eb's also perms equipment hunting which equals smaller clans becoming Stronger... 
  9. Support. Im sure the devs can figure out something to do with crap equipment we dont use.
  10. I would support that idea it's a good one to present to Devs :)
  11. I think it s a great idea, one I would ve liked when I started. I would suggest there be a minimum for each piece and hopefully a lrg one. The ppl selling won't benefit much fromselling without and it force ppl skipping going hunting to have to put in some work still to get em. Nice post!
  12. I support this idea
  13. Well we can drop building and allies! Would be cool to drop equipment for something back - maybe credit towards mith or a crystal or just plain gold.
  14. Prob wouldnt work the devs would have to make it where we can trade money for equip from other players and no one would by the crappy equip
  15. Best idea I've seen
  16. I've fiddling with the idea of an equip market, and all I can say for it is allow equip to be sold to the market. Initial values are already known for most, just need a scale for enchant levels.

    Or, we could revamp the enchant system in such a way to help negate some of this.
  17. I had thought of a similar idea once, hopefully this will be added in game.
  18. Best idea ever