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  1. All these threads about inventory being too much but no solutions. Well I've got one.

    There are some ebs that require a piece of equipment to hit eb with. These will be exempt of course but...

    With the new legend feature every level gives equipment most of us don't even enchant because we know the next level will be more stats. This leaves us with equipment just sitting there wasting space. And cluttering up our equipment inventory.

    How about a promo event with equipment tokens. With every token you can meld 2 pieces of equipment into 1. Have multiple chances to combine your old equipment into 1 kick ass piece that won't be obsolete the very next event. Not only that lots of us have a piece we really liked the look of. This will allow us to sport a look we desire but with the "SUPER STATS" of 12 other pieces of equipment melded into it giving it the stats of a ROCK STAR.
  2. Perhaps there is something on the way similar to what you are suggesting. Clarke definitely was hinting that something will be coming eventually which will address why we've been getting extra pieces
  3. Yep. Remember seeing this.

    Edit: this would destroy any new player base, as there's no possible way for them to catch up on events past.

    But, we do need a fix
  4. Good proposal.

    I'm not sure where the Devs are going.

    KaW is a war game. The initial idea of warring to get exclusive equipment I the early season wars was the very foundation of wars and KaW.

    The equipment dropping from the recent events and more recently from Legends is so superior which makes all the hours spent gaining the mith equipment all those years ago meaningless.

    Those ppl who war successfully (and I don't these days) should get the equipment which is superior to the eb warriors.

    You can merge all the equipment you like but the best equipment should be available only for those successful at wars.
  5. Even as an eb fairy, I agree with this. Pvp needs some work too.
  6. I agree. They could atleast give war LB the same equip as EB LB. Its a lot harder to make war LB and your getting almost nothing from it now. 3k silver and some seals/chests? While EB LB giving not 1, not 2 but 4 pieces of the seals and chests? Its obscene