Epic Battle Update: Ghomorax of the Highlands

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  1. Ghomorax of the Highlands

    Hey Everyone,

    We are going to be changing Ghomorax of the Highlands at 12:00 p.m. (noon) Friday August 5 2016.

    Let's quickly talk about Ghomorax and explain these changes:


    Ghomorax is very similar to the other Sveruganti, Lignnabelua of the Lowlands, except he's a little tougher, can take more damage, and has a special item phase near his completion.

    These mechanics will not be changing. We like Ghomorax being more difficult, but not out of reach for clans running Lignabelua currently.

    This change will reward the player who completes this item bar with even more plunder. At the same time, to retain EB retain balance the plunder generated per hit will be reduced slightly, while still paying out better than Lignabelua.

    Designer Comments

    Currently Ghomorax just pays flat out more than Lignabelua. And by a good chunk. Although we feel that Ghomorax should pay more, the amount that it is paying out for a clan needs to be reduced slightly. We feel that empowering players with how this reduction comes is the best possible solution.

    What this means is that this change will be effecting Spys actions more than Attacks. Attack actions on Ghomorax will be generating very similar plunder to before, while Spy's will see a slight drop. Not all Epic Battles are created equally and we want to empower clans with choices about where and how plunder is made.

    The Epic Battle will still be paying better per average action than Lignabelua but not by as large a margin as it currently is.

    Also, by increasing the amount of plunder potentially earned for the player who get's the unique item phase we feel we can make an EB that gives clans more choices and maybe another they would like to run on a regular rotation.


    We want Ghomorax to stay in his state of being more challenging and rewarding than the first Sveruganti but we feel his numbers need a small change.

    A decrease to plunder per action + increase to plunder awarded during item phase.

    Hopefully by explaining the changes and giving a heads up for when they will be going live makes this as understandable and painless as possible.

    Your understanding and patience goes a long way to making it more possible for us to release content faster in the future!

    So thank you everyone!
  2. Awesome, makes sense!! Thanks for the information, even if it will be many a moon before I am able to use the info myself haha!
  3. I'm sorry but that 1 item bar is silly js lol.

    At least make it a 50 item bar so peeps can share it obviously the gold would still be the same for the 50 as the 1.
  4. So you programmed an EB but somehow couldn't figure out how much it would pay the players ahead of time. And now you're reducing the payouts after the fact because someone at ATA thinks it's too much???

    What a load of garbage.

    GOTH pays about 10% more than LOTL...not exactly an outrageous increase.

    It's bush league stuff like this that gets the community upset. It's been over a year since LOTL, and we got a glorified copy-and-paste EB. Why is this an issue only after the release? Who beta tests this stuff? Anyone?
  5. Really? Decrease in plunder, no equipment and no Aqua? I've been getting 1 inferno per EB...what's up with that?
  6. what would be the point of dropping eq? it would just become outclassed by the power creeping event eq before most of the players of kaw are even big enough to hit it.
  7. Why did it take 15 months?
  8. Then what exactly is the benefit of the EB?
  9. Then what exactly is the point of the new EB albeit 15 months later?
  10. More gold.

    % bonuses.


    A change.

    Event items.

    Arguments about the 1 item lol.

    I think that's about it.
  11. Ok trying not to take it personally that you are only lowering spy payout lol. But also what about aqua or is inferno extra special now? Only drops inferno I'm saying and what about equipment or have we seen the end of eb equipment? Spies have to work extra hard to hit these big eb potless but go ahead and punish them for they're effort so they go back to hte. Also dropped spy bonus will affect event drops I think. oh well fingers crossed that you don't screw it up
  12. Let's all hope it does affect event drops. Probably not enough to be in line with what attack builds get but we can only hope.
  13. @boom build 2 att buildings on OR, and you can att potless up to 50%
  14. Disappointing, if it was low from the start it would be fine. But dropping now just upsets people. Very poor planning considering you had 15 months to get this right. You had many offers from clans to test the eb, but no you knew better and now try and pin the responsibility on your customers.
  15. The increased payout from LotL is only marginally greater what has brought this on there's always a increase with each eb in a tier.I'll be taking a close look at 1st hit payout to confirm your lge diff,maybe I'm blind or something but I haven't seen a lge increase in payout.
    Is this the first step in what you are now planning for KAW revamp like you did in SMASH,and as we grow the plunder drops so it'll be even lower.This app is getting to be a game of one step forward and two steps backwards.

  16. The larger spies are hitting the lge eb's just as well as att builds but using less spies than att troops giving more hits overall. The att builds have had their drops and plunder decreased continually with all the rebalance that have been brought out.
  17. So you will reward one person for one hit with more gold than someone thats been active all eb?and make it a device thing on your chanses to get that one item,lower payout,you lost it.15 months and this is what you came up with?for real?
  18. No support .. We need bigger payout to deal with new lands
  19. TL;dr

    They're reducing the amount of gold spy actions get or something like that idk nor care.

    No need to thank me

    Actually, yes there is. I would like you to thank me via pm and on my wall for show.

  20. ^ this

    I agree that it's a silly setup and a silly idea. A one person, one item, pot stage is just odd and pointless. The idea that you now want to put more payout on that stage at the result of a reduction in the other stages that take all of the work and time? Why? Does that not seem completely counterproductive and pointless?

    This is like the brilliant idea to make a random treasure drop on ASOF of a whopping 1 billion gold. Who thinks these things up and why is there not a second guy looking at him and saying "um, dude...that's stupid"