Epic Battle Time Trials!

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  1. Where's moose when you need him, all these new mods are idiots.
  2. Why not use normal eb instead of HTE or rotwb always Kaw trying to get us to pay for everything no support
  3. Then "you don't have to take part" argument is completely stupid. It's like increasing taxes on the poor and decreasing for the rich.
  4. @slayerbob, page 15 no response to the logical approach given?
  5. Hes probably crying to devs
  6. It's a view you don't like. Lol, my view and I can state it as I please.
  7. This is a terrible mistake, kaw_community. You are simply hiding from our feedback. Clearly, your focus is encouraging the players to spend money instead of making the game more interesting.

    You need t find a balance between the profit and the players enjoyment.

    We have been asking for particular new features to KaW such as PvP rewards, improved clan features, more EE fixes, etc. With this new event, the community has become Angry and restless. Work on doing what the community wants. It is a game, whatever the players want is what is best for the game.

    -- Sorceress --
  8. I agree
  9. Where's my money?.....oh yeah devs grabbed it
  10. Omfg why not do something helpful?
  11. Seriously devs y'all need a new idea. No support
  12. i just noticed the color kaw_community use on the hte and revenge pic for this thread.. 

  13. First place in revenge and Hte you get 20% and 10% and hitting with EE5 = 80%.. Correct kaw_admin ????????
  14. Why not do something that the community wants?
  15. I don't think kaw_community actually came up with the idea. S/he is supposed to be our liason between the devs and the kaw community. So s/he is probably so busy trying to get the plug pulled on this idea because of all the negative feedback that s/he can't come to forums right now.
  16. Should change this app to Kardashians at war
  17. Devs are Grade A dorks
  18. Get rid of HTE and ROTW!!!!
  19. Just because some of us sarcastically made a joke on the ASW for all crying thread about EB tournaments does not make it a worthwhile idea. You preached about closing the gap when you reduced highland cost, but then you widen the gap even further with this? What about the people who have estoc level 5 but havnt actually done an EE war in months? Why cant you fix the issues that the "real" kaw comminity wants fixed? A happy player base normally means more money spent. Did your marketing team not teach you that? Is there a narketing team? This event is a sham to fill your pockets more and widen the gap between new players and old