Epic Battle Time Trials!

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Jun 28, 2014.

  1. 
  2. Slayerbob go smoke some more dev pole you lemming.
  3. Slayerbob, does this mean that their simple form of showing distaste is not allowed? That when the devs upset the majority of the community we cant speak up? Its better than farming mods like has happened in the past
  4. All the "/lock" have the same reason Slayerbob, it's a complete disapproval of this promo.
  5. Slayerbob, As for "spam" it being different people posting it each time how is that "spam"? If it was the same person i could see that. But the community as a whole? That makes no sense
  6. You all have an opinion on everything in this game, and are more than welcome to express that opinion in an appropriate manor. However, you may not spam the thread with a simple '/lock' post just to show your opinion. It is just as bad as firsting a thread or just saying 'no support'.

    Please understand that, and flooding this thread with junk like that will do nothing. If you dont support please give a reason, even 10 words is good enough.
  7. /Lock this ridicilous thread. Kaw_comm lost it completely.
  8. I see kaw_community hasn't reply to any of the replies on this topic. KaW Devs is ruining this game they seem like they are getting more and more money hungry.
  9. Slayerbob seriously be quiet , because on "Strawb3rry's" thread called "ASW Inactives" for 10 PLUS PAGES people "spammed"
  10. We've kinda expressed our opinion for the past few months. It's been completely ignored
  11. What happen to freedom of speech
  12. Act now, the faster you complete these eb's, the faster we'll make money!!"
  13. Kaw_community think we are stupid...stupid dumb much? Shove it! No Support
  14. whats the diff when the feedback is all the same? its just same stuff in diff wordings... isnt it the same where mods silence ppl spamming the wc with the same content in diff wording too @slayerbob?

    if saying the same thing is spam...why is voicing the same opinion not spam?
  15. Interesting concept this time trial contest. Clearly favours the strongest clans in KaW and therefore the strongest players.
    Result will be the bigs get the rewards and get bigger thus widening the gap between new and old players.
  16. Y'all acting like having a chance to score 5-20% extra plunder is a bad thing.
  17. I think we're starting to see why they have no time to work on the pvp reward system.
  18. Slayerbob the community is simply putting as much effort into their replies as the devs put into this promo. Its a straight money grab and the community is not happy...obviously it will have some whiplash.
  19. Wow so first you put 50% bonus on these ebs and drain our supply. And now give more bonuses for the same ebs. Devs must really want our money
  20. It is a bad thing. We werent born with no brain. It's a pure money grab.