Epic Battle Time Trials!

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Jun 28, 2014.

  1. And nothing against those clans that have extra member slots...but which clans do you think are gonna be the top? The ones with 100 slots or the ones with 110 + slots?

    Rigged from the start. Terrible idea with poor judgement and total lack of forethought.

    Now if you wanna make it fun. Take off the repeat button like the good ole days
  2. No more "/lock" spam please.
  3. No support, at least do something that EVERYONE can particapte in.

    Sincerely, Your average KaW overspender
  4. That 6 request lock and 40 people who hate this thread please vote to lock this thread
  5. Don't tell me what to do slayerbob
  6. Don't care slayerbob. It's time we where heard.
  7. How is tht spam elaborate
  8. will find anyway to make money ehh?
  9. Greedy much?
  10. i dont see why its a spam when players are just voicing their displease.. and if its a spam then lock this thread already lol

  11. Bananas overdose 
  12. Kaw_community just lost the kaw community on this one. Lock/
  13. gotta love the backlash on this one
    ill get on the bandwagon too
  14. /lock Devs really?
  15. Anymore players who just post "/lock" without a reason will receive a temp forum ban. Please no more spam.
  16. /lock no support
  17. This needs to be /lock'd and thrown away. This isn't PvP. We where promised PvP updates. Good enough reason for ya.
  18. @slayerbob

    its pretty obvious the reasons its all over this thread.. do we need to say more?
  19. So we can say it with a reason ok even though that's not spam i hope u know