Epic Battle Time Trials!

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  1. Hey guys, I have an update on rewards from the developers.

    First, we're still working on getting things out as soon as possible, but we're fighting an uphill battle against Spragga. We're trying to make this happen as soon as possible, but I don't have an ETA just yet. We're doing everything possible to get this out tonight, but at this point that may not happen.

    Second, we've made a small change to how rewards are going to be sent out. For clans with a winning time in the Time Trials, we're going to be sending rewards out to 1) All players who contributed to that winning Epic Battle time, and 2) All players who were in that clan when the record was set and who were still in the clan at the end of the ROWB Time Trial event (11:59PM PDT on June 29th).

    This means you don't have to worry about staying around the clans you were part of.
  2. U should keep with original time, give awards to ppl that was in clan at time the awards was originally supposed to given out, not when event ended, that wasn't in original statement at all
  3. Kaw_Comm hopefully you will be sticking to the original plan for HTE trial rewards??
  4. What's going to happen with all the ties in rotw?
  5. Yet another fumble ata. No support for money hungry devs who only speak one language... CAPITALISM
  6. Ok devs... But if this is a trick and I don't get my rewards because I left LOTR, so help me I'll....

    Be upset and do nothing. 
  7. Devs.....would u consider adding profile achievments? Id like to keep this with me n a 1 week mith spell is great but after a week im screwed lol. Please at least think about it
  8. And dont tell me u cant i remember u doing w moth event️
  9. Words of ATA is words of children?
  10. Should change plunder bonus to clan, not to players, because it is clan competition.
  11. You said a small change to the rewards...
    It's not a small change, it's a totally different reward system!!!

    That really sucks.
    I'm in a clan that gets a reward!
    But now I don't get it lol

    No support!
  12. @Kaw_Community, in regards to the times i was wondering if the clans that matched time in the top 50 but are not in top 50 also get the 5% spell? For example #48 is 23 seconds and my clan #54 with 23 seconds as well
  13. I love how people are outsmarting the system the way they did the EE. This event is no longer about clan speed and unity but about finding loopholes....and they have. What it only took 3 or 4 days?

    Look for the winner to be a former inactive clan.
  14. FYI Kaw_C
    When you post an event, it's rules, and it's rewards and then change it, you lose all integrity with your customers.
    I'm sure you understand this as this is not the first time.
  15. That's correct. In the case of multiple clans having the same times we'll ensure they're all eligible.

    As an update on rewards going out, unfortunately it's unlikely this will happen tonight as there are still a few things we need to finish up first. Because of this, we're going to take time to ensure all is working and will instead be distributing these rewards on Wednesday along with the HTE Time Trial rewards.

    We apologize for the delay, and hope you understand.
  16. Some people have said that its is not clear whether the plunder bonus gains from these trials would work on all EB's or only on the EB's which they were earned on. I do think that if the latter is the case it isn't clear and it should therfore be applied to all EB's. Clarification pls :).
  17. The uphill battle with spragga!
    I am wondering if spragga is an anagram of
    We have your money now we dont care
  18. Deva get rid of the lame spragga jokes. It's strawb3rry from now on.
  19. 38Th on the lb for best hte time :)