Epic Battle Time Trials!

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  1. @kaw_community, why do stuff the masses of the player base doesnt want? Last summer you did an amazing promo to help newer players, had more activity than ive personally ever seen. People basically beg for pvp updates, why not use the resources put into this garbage to work on those updates? Why not strengthen the community as a whole and not widen the gap? Events like this will lose your new "customers" as there is no incentive for them. It will burn out and piss off your old "customers" (as shown in 20+ pages of distaste). Cut the crap, stop filling your pockets as fast as you can and cater to your "customers". So many games die off because the development teams fail to listen, this is you guys failing to listen.
  2. Will the plunder bonus count towards pvp actions?
  3. Oh yea. Competitive. Let me laugh.

    Why HTE and ROTWB ? Tell us? Where's the PvP update you promised us? Will you ever answer this damn question ?
  4. "Just the first EBs" and case is that these EBs are HTE and ROTW. Just concidence :lol:
    Kawcom, you PR skills are degrading very fast.
  5. This whole idea is trash. Devs learn to listen
  6. Dear kaw_Community:do you expect us to believe the crap you are shoveling.why give a reward thats not a perm.reward!!!where is the support.Who cares about time trials we know who the eb fairys are already:)
  7. Secret service did hte in 3 mins last week with 43 people, with 100 people the times are just gonna be stupidly close it wouldn't surprise me if there's a draw tbh there's only so fast you can do it after all.
  8. @ kaw_community...this would have been a great deal better if ATA had given a litttle after they received so much. The old saying "give a little and take a little" is very apt here.
    hunts...Hunts...HUNTS...DOUBLE GOLD PROMO...where is the give? You are taking and taking with no break or give back.
    This would be suach a great time for summer promos and/or pvp to be introduced. A few weeks of give...a recovery time if you will.

    This is a great game but this constant take take take is causing tremendous burnout. You have limited resources and they are not easily replinished.
  9. Do you focus on 1 thing at a time or what???
  10. On the last post of page 19 your use of the word autistic pissed me off :evil:
  11. Killing

    Thats kaw
  12. It's
  13. Kingdoms

    Damn samsung but I guess they both work lol
  14. @ darkghost...Devs have stated before that they have multiple teams working on different projects at the same time. Obviously, the team that came up with this one should have been scheduled to help out with something else. Devs ptobably won't want to scap a lot of work and may try and push it through anyway. I truly hope they don't and decide instead to postpone for a while at least.
  15. This sucks no support
  16. Sorry was trying respond to slayer bobs comment about 5-20% more plunder. Who he trying to kid with that mess? Only ones gonna have that change are the big clans and big money spenders. This is just another money grab promo by the devs.
  17. Well no suport.
    U should give atleast one player 1 horn + 1 sod and make players not to leave their clan until event closed, but new players can join the clan. Once players leave clan during this promo, he cannot join hte/rotwb.
    Sod and horn should b used witjin the event promo. So that as LLC clan can participate.
    After that it should reset.