Epic Battle: Siege Of The Castle

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  1. I have been waiting for something like this for a long time, but bars are too big, if u want everyone to be hitting, u gotta up the plunder. My suggestion is for 80 mil cs plus make it the plunder of ASOF/LOTL and for other sizes make it the plunder of HTE. Also should give a plunder spell/ achievement based on how much you contribute (in actions) and a worldwide bonus to everyone who is active in it of 100 sb or something. Also if u lower bar health, u can make it a competition like the owl and bear (I think that's what it was) event and the winning team gets extra rewards. Would love to see this happen. KaW needs unity
  2. Fairies won't like it because it hits back
  3. Full, 100% support. This will also get the eb only players used to some actual PvE, they will do better against PvP players, and this will help bridge the gap between eb and PvP players while still being optional and an eb.
  4. This would add so much life to the game support
  5. Earlier someone mentioned clans Opting in to join the EB, sounds more concrete than a "global" EB. Can devs even make an EB hit back? Unlikely. I think it would be more interesting to have some clans/players be randomly assigned to the enemy side. Different clans/players by phase, and make phase 1 be the last phase so that everyone can complete the EB on the players'side. Or maybe that's even harder to achieve than pve. The idea of having multiple clans hit the same EB sounds great, for sure.
  6. Really really cool idea and a bunch of time put into it . Devs won't care to notice though . Thanks for this awesome idea Sean
  7. Would like to refer @[ATA]Gregory to this little gem here. Here's the so called community event
  9. Very interesting...

    I like it. Hopes it gains traction.
  10. 105 hours should be ample for the entire world of Kaw to complete the eb, considering the bars are so big on health! Don't forget from Phase 2/7 onwards, the epic battle can give you incoming and can kill your troops and spies!

    The most insane phase is the last Phase 7/7, two of the three heroes: Warin will attack 20 active in epic battle members at one shot every 5 minutes, and Henry will attack 5 active members at one action every 5 minutes as well!

    If lesser than 105 hours then this will make the eb almost impossible to complete!

  11. This moron's going flat stick with the try hard bad ass talk from a statless alt.

    You're a joke dude
  12. I may be a bit late here but I love this idea!
  13. E for effort
  14. Just bringing it back into the spotlight as this is an event that we, as a community, need.
  15. Support, love the idea of an EB hitting back 
  16. @sean, do you have a learning difficulty or something?