epic battle queue

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by TheShadowKnight, Apr 18, 2017.

  1. Epic battles show be able to be queue to a limit just so an admin does not have to be on to start the next one once queued

    The idea is similar to the 2 epic battles at once idea but with a distinct difference of all epic battles will run as if a new epic battle is started

    To prevent 1 admin from running back 2 back of the same epic battle, each epic battle must be placed in queue by a different admins
  2. This shouldn't be necessary, if you pick the right admins most timezones should be covered. All clans will have occasional dead times for a few minutes, but overall careful selection should mean consistent ebs.
  3. An automated system would make rotations easier for everyone.

    There'd be no real eb downtime.

    But that's one less power for admins soo...
  4. no thats part of roles of runing clan, gotting find a way
  5. how will this be one less power for admins? it will promote clan chat more because more players are needed to add another epic battle into the queue while assisting in clan epic battle rotations.
  6. Once there's a bunch added to the queue, then all the admins go offline for however long as they want. So does it really promote clan chatting?
  7. Can i have my troops and spies auto dumped in ebs as well
  10. Interesting idea. but still, no support
  12. Support.. who has time to come back to this game once an hour? Nobody you silly apes.
  13. Why not a EB for each clan member? should be able to run 100 EB's IMO.