Epic Battle Queue Petition

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by JerichoSwain, Apr 12, 2018.

  1. I really see no issue in there being a queue for epic battles so clan admins can stop worrying about players leaving in between. Even just for ONE epic battle to start right after another, would be a major help. I really hope this is considered, thank you to all who read this and/or comment!
  2. I'd support this if there was any chance of devs doing it
  3. I'm sure they'd consider if we had a bit more interest 
  4. Holy dooley this is genius.
  5. No support need gap between ebs to take a dump
  6. Support, however there should still be a 15 minutes countdown till the next EB
  7. OP is saying que ebs not to que ebs and remove start up timer.
  8. This would definitely helps clans with admins being busy in real life
  9. Interesting concept. But imagine this, you have a guest in your clan, a compass or a sod miraculously drop from an eb. The guest wants to leave but is sucked into an eb that can last hours.
  10. Then cancle the eb-_-
  11. what if your activity changed from the norm? Which happens almost daily to some extent...then you may be left with a fail or ff scenario...and either of those is discouraging to members when they have unloads invested