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  2. Need to update dragon ebs plz
  3. All the ebs have been added now.
  4. This is a great guide to the EBs, especially for Noobs like me haha. :ugeek:
  5. Wow good idea support ,Tyrone fellow clan mate :) lol
  6. Do you even know what bb codes are? :lol:
  7. Real helpful:)
  8. How to copy n paste?
  10. Good guide
  11. TVD Phase (1) : Attack/Assassinate MB to 75%

  12. Good catch, updated. Thank you!
  13. Is this stickied yet? can't find it in guides. Awesome post op, would be great to have some version for mobile to copy-paste if you can figure out how to do that. Even if you can't, your guide is much easier to read and remember than Wulf/chocolate23's guide, which has all the distracting font and pictures (useful for new players who don't know what the items look like, I guess).

  14. Memes aside. I see people mostly say "assn" or "asn" instead of that.
    Saying that in the wrong clan chat at the wrong (or right) time could get you into some seriously weird RP.
  15. Good date to make
  16. I needed this lol
  17. It is, it has been my guide loooooooong time.