Epic Battle CA Guides

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  1. Colors : [color=orange1][/color][color=yellow1] [/color][color=blue1] [/color] [color=mediumpurple1] [/color] [color=lightblue1] [/color] [color=lime1] [/color]

    Just remove the 1 and type font between [sais color] and [/saidcolor]
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    Also is this an abbreviated form of Wulf's old thread? Where's the pictures? The pretty step by step, feel like I just talked to customer support and didn't push zero.
  4. City of the Dead
    Phase 1 – Angel of Light, Atk/Ass – Sct MB 66%
    Phase 2 – Seal of Divinity, Stl + Atk/Ass – Sct MB 33% - corrected
    Phase 3 – Holy Wrath (regens) - Atk/Ass – Sct MB 0%
  6. Just use attackinate if attack and assassinate at same phase
  7. Bump to help people
  8. You forgot GOTH... how does that eb work? Help please! We can't survive much longer without a ca!!
  9. Just atk/assn your heart out. At 10%mb you use tinker gem in market place