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  1. Lol I love derpy bats/rats. This image is perfect with me.
  2. I was in the shower and know for a fact I was offline when Roni thought she could trash talk me and get away with it. I don't need some chavvy uneducated chump on an online game to validate something I already know.

    I insist because unlike you I have proof I was offline and if you want to pretend otherwise then fine, whatever helps you sleep at night Roni.
  3. So u wore ofline cuz u wore in the shower an at the same time online on ur alt rispondin to roni.
  4. >Gets out shower
    >Opens kaw
    >Sees Roni/Salty trash talking me

    Please tell me where I violated the laws of physics here.
  5. Yeah. We got them ss u kindly probided showin u wore on ur alt as proof
  6. That kinda made me giggle actually
  7. So ur not gonna deny ur alt anymor? 
  8. Nobody:
    Roni: Braincell has left the chat
  9. Salty. Bruv.
    Valk knows that ?he/she? has several alts. They've admitted to changing their names. That's not even an issue. Like, it literally doesn't even matter in the long run. Does it change anything? No. Y'all gotta meet in middle. You don't have to like each other, but you don't have to be like this about it lol
  10. Me:
    >Changes alt name to Valkyrie-XV
    >Replies to this thread with this alt

    >So Ur NoT gOnNa DeNy Ur AlT aNyMoR?

  11. Wow, perfect timin showin u wore not on. U get out of shower, open ap, see roni, type ur risponse mere fractions of a sec after. Lmao
  12. I know right, so unbelievable. I mean, who even checks their phone after getting out of the shower to see if they missed anything. Anyone?

    The original point of this has been overlooked. Roni was trash talking me in wc knowing I wasn't online, and yet goes to extreme effort to claim others use her name to gain attention in forums / WC.

    Double standards at their finest.
  13. “And, who's this Halcyon account you speak of”
    U denied it
    Then u had to admit it was u 

    Then u make a list where u wore ofline but mobed at the espeed of light to answer to roni in wc lmao 
  14. Wait. Did she KNOW you were showering? Like, did you tell her? If so, that's a weird thing to tell your arch kawnemesis.
  15. I used that account in the past to reply to threads, even walled you with it and kicked your ass with it.

    Hell, I even changed its name to Valkyrie and gave it a similar style banner, put it in the same clan and announced in forums that it was mine. What part of this makes you think I'm hiding lol.

    Typing a few words out and clicking on the send button is classed as speed of light? Well, apparently time moves faster for stupid people so that would explain your confusion.
  16. Check forums names, green light tells you if they are online. Plus there's thinks like battle stats / EB history etc etc to give you a bigger insight.

    Point being, WC messages can quickly move up / disappear, all you need is a few minutes window and you can trash talk someone and they'd never be able to see it. Hence why I do most of my "trash talk" in forums as it doesn't go anywhere. Only time I roll Roni's name in the dirt in WC is when she's there too.
  17. I see. With so much emphasis placed on the showering, it seemed as if it played a bigger part in the story. Carry on. Lol
  18. Riiiite. So

    > wore in shower
    > checked ap
    > sorprisingly, roni was ther
    >risponded mere fractions of secons after

    That probes u wore not on with ur alt. Like, totaly.
    I min, the chances of u randomly findin roni tokin about u while u got of the shower an rispondin mere fractions of a sec after r like, oberwhelmin an esfuff.
  19. Phone isn't waterproof so obviously I don't take it in the shower with me haha.

    Anyway, you say that proves I was not online with my alt... Yet I used my alt to post in WC, I even have a ss of that. So yeah, you just lied.

    I don't know what you mean by randomly seeing Roni in WC, I logged on and there she was, I know you are stupid Salty/Roni but seriously this all has to click eventually right?

    Anyways I hear she trash talks me in wc a lot so the chances were pretty high.
  20. *Spoiler* this vegetarian beef is still going on!!